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5 Important Tips to Remember When Placing Bets in Poker

Online poker is a different ballgame altogether compared to the real poker that you might be used to. Online poker games come with their own rules, and while most of the games, like the ones listed on this website, are recreational, you will encounter a much wider variety of motives and skill sets than you would in reality. 
You could win big, and you could lose big. How do you ensure the right balance of enjoyment, financial gain, and online security (yes, it’s a tough unsafe world out there)? Well, here are 5 important tips to help you navigate the online poker world.
1. Begin with low-stakes games
Learn inexpensively, learn quickly. Even if you are used to playing poker high-stakes with cash, it is advisable that you start with low-stakes and a limited bankroll, no matter how strong the temptation to do otherwise. Not only does playing with low-stakes gives you time to adjust to the online poker gaming interface and its nuances, but also increases your chances of winning in the long term.
A smaller bankroll helps a lot in taking away stress and guilt associated with winning and losing. However, it is important to remember not to continuously monitor your balance - you have started out with a small bankroll, and that should be assurance enough. Preventing distractions is a key element in online poker, and you will have a more difficult opponent online than in the real world.
2. Be very careful about tilt
No matter how hard you try and how composed you are as a person, it is impossible to avoid tiltand be human at the same time. Moreover, once you begin tilting, you know it is time to get up, because things can and go downhill big time with tilt.
Tilt happens due to a number of reasons - bad strategizing, mental or physical exhaustion, manipulation by the opponent, or simply luck. The cause of tilt differs from person to person. Whatever the reason be, remember that tilt is the primary reason for poker disasters, and as playing online offers you the opportunity to leave immediately, utilise it.
3. Keep yourself updated
Remember that playing online means that you get less time to prepare yourself. So acquaint yourself with new features, offers, details before joining the online world. Let your first few online poker games be preparatory ones. In other words, don't be naive and expect to draw big hauls the moment you join online poker. 
Do not jump headlong into multi-tabling the moment you join even though it is a tempting prospect. Take all the time you require to be acquainted with the site, the features, the rack-back offers and bonuses, the pay-out process and sudden changes that may come with any of these.
Finally, always be ready for some of the craziest swings imaginable either way.
4. Purchase software
There are a number of software to choose from, the most popular being Poker Tracker and Hold Em Manager. The head's up display feature (HUD) makes them ultra-desirable as it gives a comprehensive idea about one's opponent by tracking all of the hands you might have played together. 
This feature comes with numerous options to display a whole range of stats. Another valuable feature of these software specifically designed for online poker is that they come with a hand history re-player with a lot more options that the ones you’ll find in poker sites. The software will allow you to replay a session or entire tournament. This can go a long way in helping you review and learn from your mistakes.
Sit ‘n Go Wizard is another important learning tool which can help you analyse hands from the perspectives of both the Chip EV and the ICM. This tool is important if you want to specialise in playing tournaments.
5. Remember that you are a human
There are so many other things that you need to keep in mind, because poker, after all, can be extremely addicting. So take care of your body while playing poker. If you are hungry, get up and eat, because you will get tired otherwise and lose your proficiency. Exhaustion is the primary reason for tilting, and even if you are not hungry, take some time off gadgets and rest. Finally, let go of all mental distractions. Finish all your other responsibilities and get a comfortable and quiet setting before starting on the game.
Parting Thoughts

Poker here to stay, and the winning depends more on your ability to stay in control. Remember that once you break one rule, you create an opening for everything you have built so far to come crashing through. An alert mind throughout, however, can take care of all your problems.

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