Sunday, November 30, 2014

Linemakers NFL Picks Week 13 Best Bets

We have two NFL Wise Guy winners highly corroborated. Also get four Major plays, which over 27 years have won at a higher rate than Game of the Year bets you get elsewhere. We are not done. Four college basketball bets are up led by a Wise Guy as we added CBB at 10:03 ET including upgrading the Wise Guy to the Small College Non Conference Game of the Year. That is 10 winners with three Wise Guy plays in two sports. 

Off a 3-0 all sports sweep led by Arkansas State has the Chairmans Club Game of the Century in football, Stevie Vincent is not done. Sunday get a Level 4 pro football bet easily the best on the board.

A Level 5 pro basketball total has been added. Get them all at 

Service 12-0 with all football picks this weekend, college and pro ups their stunning streak to 14-0 with the top NFL side and top NFL total. All is at  

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Best Sports Betting Picks Football

While has a ton of winning free picks and analysis has the premium bets exploited by pro bettors. Here is the breakdown.
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Joe Duffy’s Picks has a freight train portfolio for Saturday. Get the Sunbelt Conference Game of the Year among two Wise Guy sides, a Wise Guy total, two college football Majors. We also have two Major play winners. My goodness if 27-years of winning publically going back to when scorephones ruled the sports betting world, then I say thank you for keeping the bookmakers in business for clients of Joe Duffy’s Picks.
Yep, the Wise Guy Kings winning outright makes us 8-2 with NBA sides baby and 8-3 overall. Two NBA totals and a side have been added! At  
Sit down and get ready for as powerful of a pick as there is in sports betting, a Perfect Play from Stevie Vincent. Perfect Play, which means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play.  In fact the top angle for one team and the top angle against their opponent is a combined 30-1 in your favor.
Less is more tends to be the dictum The Great One Stevie Vincent. He has fewer selections than most, but over the long run a higher percentage of winners. He has added an NBA over/under and is universally acknowledged as the greatest over/under tipster in history. It is all at  
We start out with the famed Biggest Play feature. Long-time expert from the scorephone days where he was a guru of Big East and Atlantic 10 especially, he remains one of the top specialists. Focusing on American Athletic, ACC, and now Big Ten (he is a Rutgers graduate) in football and basketball and still the Big East in hoops, he remains a consistent upper 50-percentile winner every season. Louisville/Boston College is the College Football Game of the Year
Now to the Hottest Handicapper: The No. 1 college football service for 2014 is out of Upper Midwest. Their highest ranked plays are Top Information Bets. Three Top Information Bets Saturday
Incredibly a sports service out of the Midwest remains No. 1 in college football based on all-time units won. You have won with their Executive Plays here since 2010! They have four Executive Plays, best of all two agree with Top Information Bets, so highly corroborated winners
Talk about long-term profit, a well-known handicapper is easily No. 1 since 1990. His highest rated picks are 10*. Already 5-1 with NBA 10*s this year, two more go Saturday.
All the winners are at 
Sunday NFL is up. The NFL Specialist Joe Duffy is always first and foremost. Four Sunday NFL Wise Guy plays and three Majors are up. We have four sides and three totals in the mix. Yes our famed Performance Gap Analysis is very much a part of that.
Stevie Vincent has NFL up too. Two pro football winners Sunday led by a Level 5. Perfect Play, which means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. Please visit to begin the rest of your gambling life!


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