Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Godspicks For Tuesday

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

In our latest short-term winning streak (yes the rest of the sports betting industry considers 17 days long-term, not us) we’ve had 8-0 and 6-1 days contributing to the treasure chest.  Tuesday is one of those days to say the least. We have four Wise Guy dogs among five winners for online gamblers.

The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com. 


KANSAS CITY (WOOD +190) Cincinnati (Milton)

KC is 6-1 their last seven and 8-3 in their last 11 games +9.3 units. Mike Wood has a pretty impressive 3.81 ERA. Cincy has lost three in a row with Eric Milton, whose ERA is 6.23 in those games.

In fact the Reds have lost 6-of-8 with Milton on the hill. KC is 19-10 +21.7 units the last two years to teams with a winning percentage of .510.540.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Trends for Tuesday

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Online gamblers can get sports betting advanced news and notes at JoeDuffy.net  The best handicapper premium picks are at www.godspicks.com



·        C Zambrano 2.79 lifetime ERA in 10 starts to Milwaukee

·        Clemens 22-9, 28-10 personal record to Detroit

·        R Ortiz 6-3 personal and team record to Toronto

·        Milton 13-2 personal, 15-2 team record to KC

·        Lowe 0-5 team record to Minnesota

·        Soler under 4-1 for the year

·        Tampa 11-5 with Kazmir, 3.21 ERA

·        Webb 8-3 personal record, Arizona under 10-6 with him

·        Weaver 3-9 personal, 4-10 team record

·        Texas’s Millwood 8-3 personal record

Monday Godspicks

Monday, June 26, 2006

Today is the last day that sports bettors can get the sports gambler’s dream: we will add a full week to all MONTHLY purchase of the Universal Pass.  For $500, you will get 38 betting days (41 today as we credit three days for the All-Star Break) to the Bet it Trinty sites featured at JoeDuffy.net: Godspicks.com, AllianceHandicapping.com, KnockoutPicks.com   

Our latest short-term run is in Day 17 and the unprecedented winning is in Decade No. 3.  Monday is one of our famed quality over quantity days as we have one play that stands head and shoulders above all others. The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com.  Early Bird Special for football season is up now for a SAVINGS $1,695. Details are at JoeDuffy.net


Florida-Tampa UNDER 7’

Florida’s Josh Johnson has been the best Johnson pitching in MLB this year. His 1.63 ERA in nine starts is only getting better as it’s 0.96 last three starts. James Shields has a 1.67 ERA over his last four outings.

Florida has a dreadful .296 OBP their last seven games. Tampa is hitting a ghastly .247 for the year.

It’s a battle of two sizzling pitchers and two pedestrian offenses. 


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Monday News and Notes

Monday, June 26, 2006

Handicapper’s Sampler features America’s greatest sports service the Dream Team at Godspicks.com, the hottest sports service plays on the planet from KnockoutPicks.com and top sports service plays from AllianceHandicapping.com.  It’s all at JoeDuffy.net


·        Milwaukee under 11-3 with Capuano and 11-5 when he starts

·        Houston 10-6 with Rodriquez

·        Shields for Tampa 4-0 personal, 4-1 team record

·        Minnesota 3-9 with Silva 6.87

·        Maddux 16-4 team record to Milwaukee with a 2.22 ERA

·        Florida’s J Johnson is 4-1 at home 1.19 ERA

·        Marquis 6-3 home personal and team record for St. Louis

God's Tid-Bets, Vol. 23

Betting Hurricanes, Paying Posting Board Participants and More on Specifying Pitchers: God’s Tid-Bets, Vol. 23


Joe Duffy (JoeDuffy.net)


This is the latest in a series of a Godgepodge of sports betting strategy and other sports handicapping and gaming issues.


Follow Up on When to Specify Pitchers


Stevie Vincent of KnockoutPicks.com is generally accepted as the top baseball handicapper in the world when it comes to handicapping pitchers. He’s clearly established himself as the foremost authority on baseball totals plays. 


Because he’s the most respected voice in the “pitching and defense is 80 percent of the game” crowd, it should come as no surprise that he says gamblers should always specify pitchers when placing a bet.  In fact, he continued that it’s doubly true with over/under plays. “When betting a total, anyone who does not specify starting pitchers shouldn’t be gambling.”


With his unprecedented over/under record, who are we to argue?


Is Nothing Sacred?


I’m all for the fact that people can bet on just about anything.  If only our own government realized this unalienable right. However, now sportsbooks allow anyone to bet on the number of hurricanes to hit Florida this summer or if certain terrorist leaders will be captured.


There just seems to be something intrinsically wrong with someone rooting for more killer hurricanes or that a terrorist mastermind stays on the loose, just to win a $100 bet.


By no means would I suggest such bad taste would ever be the difference between the United States finally legalizing online sportsbooks, but often one has to win the hearts and minds of the public and the elected officials.  Sportsbooks that carry such inelegant proposition plays aren’t helping matters any.


But Nothing Unsacred


There are few people more universally respected in the industry than Buzz Daly (www.buzzdaly.com), the veteran industry writer. Ironically enough, Buzz asked the same “is nothing sacred” question regarding the practice of sports gaming posting boards paying top posters to move to their site.


First of all, I had no idea of such practice, but I can’t say I see a darn thing wrong with it. My philosophy at Godspicks.com has always been to put most of my time, effort and money into the product. 


Other handicappers spend more money on marketing, but I believe in worrying about the product first and foremost.  Bravo to posting boards that do the same. Is paying people to stimulate interest with quality posts any more sacrilegious than paying an SEO guy to have you ranked ahead of the competition at Google? How about upgrading software to make a posting board look better?


I’ll take substance over style any day and if bells and whistles are worth paying for, why isn’t quality content?


Now if we can only convince some posting boards to pay people not to post.


The famed scorephone Tailgate Party goes high tech this football season at JoeDuffy.net.  We start the week with advanced news and notes from Joe Duffy of Godspicks.com . Then on game day (starting around midnight Friday and Saturday nights for the next day’s action) it’s top computer trends from forensic handicapper  Stevie Vincent of KnockoutPicks.com, live weather radar, sportsbook contests, free sports service picks, late breaking injuries on game day, and more to “beat the screen” on the sports information superhighway at JoeDuffy.net 












Saturday, June 24, 2006

Godspicks Beyond Sizzling

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Remember more than two weeks ago, we were actually in a slump?  Long time clients, many who go back to our Cadillac Club scorephone days know we always have and always will double, triple, or more in wins whatever we lose during our rare slump.

Promises Made, Promises Delivered does it again, going 6-1 in MLB Saturday including our only Wise Guy on Minnesota. Showing that pure records will never do us justice in baseball, our 39-22 record with 17 dog winners of 125 or more converts to the “wallet equivalent” of 47-22 in basketball or football.

We have three Sunday winners, but two are dandy dogs, so your wallet says 4-0. Dandy dogs are dogs of 140 or more in MLB. The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com.  Early Bird Special for football season is up now for a SAVINGS $1,695. Details are at JoeDuffy.net


TAMPA (HENDRICKSON -130) Atlanta (James)

The Braves have lost 11-of-12 and 20-of-25. Tampa is 6-2 their last eight. Mark Hendrickson has an ERA of 3.09 and a WHIP of 1.157 last three starts. Chuck James has pitched okay in limited relief appearances but now he’s thrown to the wolves as a starter.  Good luck.

Sunday News, Notes, and Trends

Sunday, June 25, 2006


JoeDuffy.net  has become the ultimate source for daily free gaming news and notes both daily and advanced, top sports service plays and more.  America’s greatest sports service is the Dream Team at Godspicks.com.    

World Cup



The Dutch have not lost a competitive match since a 2-1 defeat to the hosts of the European championship two years ago. Portugal, led by Brazilan World Cup-winning coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, have won all three group games as they reached the World Cup second round for the first time since 1966. They also have an impressive record against the Dutch, losing only once in their previous nine meetings. Neither team has arguably been tested to the full in the tournament so far. Portugal faced an unfancied Iran and World Cup debutants Angola in Group D, needing only to turn up against Mexico to book their spot in the last 16. The toughest challenge for the Dutch was against favourites Argentina in their final Group C game, but by then they too were already in the second round after wins against the Ivory Coast and Serbia & Montenegro. Van Basten is contemplating leaving out below-par striker Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Detroit News

This is a close match to call and likely will go to extra time or even a penalty-kick shootout. Arjen Robben, rested for the match against Argentina, should return to attack the Portuguese defense with his fast runs and accurate shooting. Portugal’s talented forwards, with Luis Figo still going strong at age 33, have created plenty of chances and will give the Dutch defense much trouble. Portugal will try to extend coach Luiz Felipe Scolari’s winning streak in the World Cup to 11



Detroit News

Ghana, Australia and Ecuador provided the biggest shocks of the first round of the World Cup. Now they are chasing even bigger ones in the last 16. Despite a 3-0 loss to the Germans, Ecuador already had made it to second stage for the first time after shutout victories over Poland and Costa Rica. Now it is keeping South American soccer giants Brazil and Argentina company and faces England in Stuttgart on Sunday. Michael Owen’s departure because of a serious knee injury has cast a cloud over England’s camp and co-striker Wayne Rooney is under pressure to recapture his best form. England’s midfield is starting to hit its peak, however, with Joe Cole and Steven Gerrard performing well.



·        Vazquez 2-5 personal, 3-8 team record to Houston

·        Redman 5-2 personal record to Milwaukee

·        In 15 starts, Brad Penny has a 2.83 ERA

·        Towers 1-8 personal, 2-9 team record, Toronto over 8-2 with him

·        Mets over 10-4 with Trachsel

·        Detroit under 10-4 with Bonderman

·        Florida 5-10 with Willis

·        Mussina 8-3 personal record

·        Washington 5-11 with Hernandez

·        Tampa under 9-3 with Hendrickson

·        Boston under 11-4 with Wakefield

·        Seattle over 10-5 with Pineiro

·        Arizona over 10-4 with Batista

·        Ponson 7.33 road ERA in seven starts

·        Loaiza 1-3 road 8.33 ERA

Saturday Godspicks, MLB and CFL Action

Saturday, June 24, 2006

As is generally the case, the only thing that stood between Promises Made, Promises Delivered and another huge night was an extra inning loss.  However the our remarkable 15 day run continues Saturday with a Wise Guy play in MLB and six Majors.  Plus we have a CFL winner.

The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com.  Early Bird Special for football season is up now for a SAVINGS $1,695. Details are at JoeDuffy.net

Remember the second you buy a sports service play, you will know if they did their homework. If they researched the games, they will be happy to show it off in the analysis. America’s greatest sports service the Dream Team at Godspicks.com gives you winners WITH ALL THE RIGHT reasons every day.  Godspicks is the most exclusive, prestigious and honored country club on the handicapping industry.

Win a $100 betting account and four free days to AllianceHandicapping.com today at 2:00 PM at JoeDuffy.net


TEXAS (TEJEDA +110) Colorado (Fogg)

Going with virtual pick ‘em games (line 125 or less either way) with a bullpen that pitches more than 3 2/3 IP per game and a starting pitcher whose ERA is 7.50 or more last three starts is 294-213 +92.3 units.

Texas has won 5-of-7 while Colorado has lost 5-of-7. Robinson Tejeda has a 2.70 road ERA in two starts, while Josh Fogg has a 7.05 ERA last three starts.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Saturday Computer Trends

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Frankly our best information is saved for our premium clients at Godspicks.com, but this information is better than 99 percent of the free or pay information anywhere!


·        Haren 1-3 team and personal record to San Francisco

·        Byrd 1-3 team record to Cincinnati 9.40 ERA

·        Duke 5-10 team record with Pittsburgh, 1-7 road

·        Florida under 9-5 with Johnson

·        Toronto 11-3 Halladay 2.97 ERA

·        Suppan’s starts over 8-4

·        Rogers 11-4 team record, under 10-4

·        Boston 5-0 home with Schilling

·        Wright 6.39 ERA in seven home starts

·        Mets 5-1 road with Hernandez 2.97 ERA

·        Seattle 1-4 road with Moyer


Friday Godspicks

Friday, June 23, 2006


Promises Made, Promises Delivered is 32-18 our last 50, but with 16 dog winners of 125 or more.  In fact that now makes it a “wallet equivalent” of 40-18 in football or basketball.  Tonight we have two Wise Guy dogs among three winners. Wise Guy plays from Godspicks are widely accepted by high rollers, bookmakers, linesmakers, and fellow handicappers as the biggest play in the handicapping abyss. This is just fact.

We will have CFL on Saturday, so jump on the three or four day pass at the very least. The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com.  Early Bird Special for football season is up now for a SAVINGS $1,695. Details are at JoeDuffy.net


SAN FRANCISCO (SCHMIDT -155) Oakland (Blanton)

SPECIFY SCHMIDT. True Jason Schmidt is finally off a sub-par outing, but we have to ride a pitcher who has a stunning 1.94 ERA in his last 10 starts. In fact over his last six home starts, his ERA is a mere 1.52. Blanton has a 6.15 road ERA.

Oakland is 1-3 to Schmidt, who has a 1.042 WHIP to them.   

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Godspicks

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Late steam added! We. Win. Again. America’s greatest sports service the Dream Team at Godspicks.com goes 6-3 last Wednesday, but that of course won’t do us justice.  Here are some of the highlights:

·        4-1 with Wise Guy plays: Tampa +140, Toronto +130, Kansas City +125,  Seattle +135

·        Major on Cincinnati +200


So that makes our latest domination up to:

·        30-14 overall run BUT:

·        15 dog winners of 125 or more for a “wallet equivalent” of going 37-14 in football or basketball


We have four day baseball and two night MLB Thursday and for those who get the four-day pass, note we will have CFL!  We may put our perfect World Cup record on the line as well.

The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com.  Early Bird Special for football season is up now for a SAVINGS $1,695. Details are at JoeDuffy.net



TAMPA (KAZMIR -160) Arizona (Gonzalez)

Arizona is 2-14 their last 16. Tampa is 4-1 their last four. They are 7-4 their last 11 even though eight of them were on the road. Tampa has their ace Scott Kazmir on the mound. Kazmir has a 3.39 ERA on the year.  At home it’s 2.62 with a 1.078 WHIP.

Tampa is 5-0 +6.4 in the series.  In IL play go with an AL team allowing 5.2 or more runs per game against an NL team allowing 4.8 for a 50-26 mark.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thursday Computer Trends

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today’s free winner (no password needed), late breaking information as game time approaches, and advanced news and notes are at JoeDuffy.net  Premium picks are at www.godspicks.com





·        Burnett 1-6 team record to Atlanta

·        Clemens 24-9 personal record to Minnesota

·        Tampa is 10-5 with Kazmir

·        KC 4-11 with Elarton

·        Florida 8-4 with Olsen

·        Baltimore over 10-4 with Benson

·        White Sox 10-4 with Garcia

·        Liriano 6-1 personal record, Minnesota under all five starts


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wednesday Godspicks, Offer For Summer of Baseball

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

America’s greatest sports service the Dream Team at Godspicks.com does it again going 4-1 with three MLB dog winners led by +175 Seattle.  It’s now 24-11 the last 35 with 10 dog winners of 125 or more.  We have a season high five MLB Wise Guy plays among seven night winners. ALL SEVEN ARE DOGS.

The ENTIRE card  is just $17 at www.godspicks.com.  Early Bird Special for football season is up now for a SAVINGS $1,695. Details are at JoeDuffy.net

SPECIAL OFFER FOR BASEBALL SUMMER: There are 43 betting days (excludes the All-Star Break) until our specialty the NFL starts with preseason.  You get every play in ever sport (we will have some World Cup and CFL) from now until August 5 for just $400.  Current clients get 46 days added.  


CINCINNATI (MAYS +200) NY Mets (Soler)

The Reds are much better on the road than at home.  Hold off on the bust for Alay Soler for Cooperstown.  Guys who look like studs in limited starts are a dime a dozen, but Soler hasn’t been much in the pressure cooker of Shea Stadium where his ERA is 5.29 and a WHIP of 1.529. Joe Mays has had a rough year, but truthfully his track record is better than Soler. 

The Reds are +10.7 units on the road. Since 1997, the Reds are +72 units on the road. Going against favorites of 175-250 starting a pitcher who gave up two or fewer earned runs in each of his last two starts against a pitcher whose ERA is 7.50 over his last three starts is 78-69 +78.9 units. 


Wednesday Computer Trends

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The famed scorephone Tailgate Party goes high tech this football season at JoeDuffy.net.  We start the week with advanced news and notes from Joe Duffy of Godspicks.com . Then on game day (starting around midnight Friday and Saturday nights for the next day’s action) it’s top computer trends from forensic handicapper  Stevie Vincent of KnockoutPicks.com, live weather radar, sportsbook contests, free sports service picks, late breaking injuries on game day, and more to “beat the screen” on the sports information superhighway at JoeDuffy.net 


·        In 12 lifetime starts to San Francisco, Weaver has a 5.13 ERA

·        Hudson 10-1 personal, 11-2 team record to Toronto

·        Washburn 6-2 team record to Dodgers

·        Cincinnati is 1-5 with Mays. His ERA is 8.22

·        The Mets have gone under all 4 with Soler whose ERA is 3.00

·        Milwaukee is 10-5 with Capuano going under 10-3

·        Weaver has a 3-9 personal record and a 6.15 ERA

·        Webb 8-2 personal record 2.37 ERA

·        Hudson 10-5 team record

·        White Sox are 10-4 with Buehrle, going under 9-4 with him

·        Minnesota is 3-8 with Silva, over 7-3.  His ERA is 7.17

·        KC 0-4 with Wood

·        Colorado under 8-2 with Cook

·        Cubs 5-2 road with C Zambrano, whose road ERA is 2.33

·        San Diego 5-1 road with Young, whose ERA is 2.21 on the road


Yet Another Great Angle In Betting NFL

Bookmakers Will Want their Money Back if You Know the Backup Quarterback

Joe Duffy (JoeDuffy.net)


Not all of the best wiseguy information I share comes from professional gamblers, the select few quality professional handicappers, high rollers or even daily bettors.


Steve Presson is a very successful entrepreneur who now sells luxury real estate for Corcoran Group, a high end realtor in Palm Beach, Florida.  Steve pays minimal attention to any sport but one: pro football.  A fantasy football guru, Steve is approaching legendary status in NFL “Last Man Standing” or “Survivor” pools. 


They go by some other names, but essentially participants pick one game a week and if they lose, they are out.  The winners advance until there is one man (or women) standing.


The reason Steve doesn’t bet more often or play higher stakes is that his keep-it-simple philosophy only presents limited opportunities, perhaps 10-15 times per year. His strategy?  It’s going against second string, incompetent quarterbacks.


Our only minor disagreement is that we believe successful teams are built around quality skilled position players with quarterbacks topping the list, but Presson believes the oddsmakers can’t compensate enough when an injury forces a significant downgrade behind the center.


I heard an NFL General Manager once say the most important player on a team is the starting quarterback and the second most important is the backup QB.


Look no further than Steelers’ Super Bowl winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s recent brush with stupidity and death.  Literally every qualified opinion I’ve heard is that Pittsburgh is on firm legal grounds if they voided his humongous contract, which would free up plenty of money for non-quarterback additions.


Yet also unanimous is that every NFL talking head agrees as long as an eventual full recovery is likely, there is zero chance of Pittsburgh voiding his contract. 


This is because while Mike Lupica and his cohorts can ramble on about the Steelers’ great defense but clearly Pittsburgh management realizes their defense performed best where all defenses pick up their best stats—on the sidelines.  And nobody is more responsible for that than Roethlisberger. The handicapping ramifications behind the indisputable fact are enormous.


Ironically Roethlisberger is a rare exception to another rule of thumb Steve has.  However, arguably he was the first notable one since a young Dan Marino. “Another trend is to look at young quarterbacks making one of their first 10 starts and preferably against a tough defensive team.  Rookie QBs don’t win and they should be taken advantage of.”


For every Marino and Roethlisberger aberration, there’s an Elway, Aikman, Manning (insert your choice of first names), Palmer and many, many others proving that theory extremely reliable.


Nobody uses the Information Age in sports handicapping better than I do.  But as Steve and I were discussing strategy over 2-for-1 beer at Pete Rose’s sports bar in Boynton Beach, Florida, I was reminded of something I can’t be reminded of enough.  It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then, winning sports betting comes down to keeping it simple.


Most enlightened conversations happen over beer and in my never ending quest to acquire further knowledge, I’ll be handicapping back-up quarterbacks more than ever. 


Oh and luckily I’ll be getting Steve’s survivor pool picks.


Joe Duffy’s premium plays are available exclusively at Godspicks. Get his exclusive news and notes from his own clipboard at JoeDuffy.net home of the Handicapper’s Sampler rundown of top sports service plays. 






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