Thursday, August 31, 2017

Critical NFL Betting Picks Info

From Joe Duffy’s
Picks: I am 10-2 in football. Five winners led by a rare preseason week
4 Wise Guy. 
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Week 1 Thursday College Football | NCAAF Picks | With Joe Duffy

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Top Ranked Football Service 2017

The sports handicapping services menu for: Sunday, August 27, 2017
 Joe Duffy's Picks
Advanced Analytics Exploiting NextGen Statistics from Scorephone Legend; Top Capper Ever Based on Units Won
This is our time. It always is what a massive run we are on. We are 9-1 the last 10 (actually 10-1 as most won with Lions). All but one winner was in football. Soooooooo, seriously, have you locked in yet? If not, why not? 
Get two Sunday NFL winners and two baseballGet the picks now
MasterLockLine Sports Betting Services
The power of 620 sports services behind every sports pick; Traces roots back to scorephone LockLine of 1980s
College and NFL combined, power of 620 sports services behind every pick is 20-9 in NFL preseason thus far. Respected, long-time proven winners with Games and Totals of Year tonight.
Big named service out of Cleveland that puts out the most respected NFL and college preseason publications for gamblers has their Preseason GOY of 49ers vs. Vikings at 8:30 ET
No. 1 sports service for 2017 is out of Deep South. Personal Best Bets are above 65 percent. Personal Best Bet Total of Preseason on 49ers vs. Vikings at 8:30 ET
Handicapper out of the Windy City is No. 1 since 2004 in all sports. His Prime Plays are his biggest bet. NFLX Totals Prime Play of the Preseason on Bears vs. Titans at 1 ET
No. 1 MLB service for 2017 out of Midwest is famed for High Cotton picks. Two High Cotton MLB winners todayGet the picks now and check out the entire menu and get a free pick
Forensic Sports Handicapper Stevie Vincent
Groundbreaking founder of forensic sports handicapping; fewer picks, higher winning percentage from the King of Offshore
He keeps winning at 12-5 last 17. Superstar Stevie Vincent has the Road Warrior Game of the Century in Pro Baseball. Take advantage of a gross pitching mismatch. Get the picks now
Each handicapper highest rated play is as follows: GodsTips (Wise Guy), Stevie Vincent (Level 5),Masterlockline of course varies from service but generally (Biggest Play) 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Free College Football Picks

Free college football pick and betting intel for Joe Duffy. That is more like it! Led by Dandy Dog on Tampa in MLBJDP sweeps the portfolio. Get eight NFL and a college football winner. Will we sweep the board again? Get the picks now No MLB today. All football.

NFL Line Moves Report and Free Pick

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NFL Picks | Thursday Night Picks & Betting Preview | Aug 24th

14 winners are up this weekend in NFL and college football for Joe Duffy. As long as you have a package that includes Sunday, you can access. Get the Joe Duffy or Bet it Trinity seven-day pick pack (including football only) to access. Hurry, we may raise price if more winners on the way to regular season price. Once locked in, though you are locked in at the top sports betting site on planet Earth. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

NFL Preseason Picks Week 1, Thursday Night

JDP with a total eclipse of the bookies, sweeping MLB. We go 4-0 on the diamond including Minnesota +144 and Philadelphia +132. We are a solid 12-8 the last 20 MLB with five dogs winning. Your NFL Specialist has an NFL side and two NFL totals

Holy smokes. Get eight MLB winners led by MLB Underdog of the Week. This named play is among eight night MLB and 12 winners in all. Get the picks now

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Sports Betting Review and Preview Hall-of-Fame Game From Betting Standpoint

JDP, the NFL Specialist, has the first of many preseason
NFL winners starting with Hall-of-Fame
game side
. Four night MLB games are up as well. Get the picks now

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2017 NFL Preseason Betting Inside Info Hall-of-Fame Game

Cowboys vs. Cardinals NFL Hall-of-Fame game line has it as a pick 'em and a total that has dropped to as low as 35. Get all the sharp betting intel on this game from best NFL handicapper out there.


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