Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday GodsTips

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Our first two Wise Guy plays of the NBA season go tonight, both are side selections. We also have a Major play side. We go 2-1 overall last night.  We are 13-6 in the NFL with most being underdog, Dandy Dogs in fact. We have an NHL Major play tonight. You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at  


Dallas-Cleveland OVER 186

Well first of all, we can quote ourselves from our early NBA season crib sheet, "Dallas coach Avery Johnson transformed the Mavericks from a shoot and let God sort them out team to a squad that thought defense first, second and third. The result was one of the great postseason failures in sports history.

Johnson learned that having Dirk Nowitzki thinking defense foremost is the equivalent of trying to make Peyton Manning or Tom Brady a thousand yard rusher.

Not only will Dallas correct that blunder, but the focus this offseason was improving their weakness: their offense against the zone. New assistant coach Paul Westphal was hired to do just that, among other things focusing on execution rather than trying to outsmart their opponent with new fangled looks. This is a wise move considering Dallas has the offensive weapons. Look for point guard Devin Harris to be among the most improved players in the league offensively."

The Dallas Morning News assures us: Dirk Nowitzki was assertive and focused during the preseason, showing a much-improved post-up game to go with his outrageous shooting skills. The MVP is primed for a strong opening to the season.

King LeBron James is the best offensive player in the East, Dallas will use their weapons and the total is very low.  All this means our free pick is on the over.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GodsTips: 2 TNT NBA Plays + NHL Wise Guy

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Remember that scorephone legend Curt Thomas is the only full-time NBA handicapper in the world and part of Dream Team at GodsTips. We start out the NBA season with a pick from each TNT game. Nobody will come close to GodsTips domination of NBA, so enjoy the ride.

Oh and we are getting many demand for seven days a week NHL as we are 12-6 but it's even more stunning considering virtually all picks have been underdogs and most Dandy Dogs. Dandy dogs are moneyline dogs of 140 or more (includes runline getting back 140 or more). We have an NHL Wise Guy plus those two NBA. You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at  


UTAH +3 Golden State

The Warriors come in as a chic team because they were the Colorado Rockies of the NBA.  They got hot at the right time, winning 16-of-21 regular season games before beating Dallas in the first round of the playoffs.

Timing is everything, but Golden State won't be able to maintain the three-point unconscious zone they were in at the end of last year through the first round of the playoffs.

It's Utah ready to take the next step with 23-year-old Deron Williams and 26-year-old Carlos Boozer, the best 1-2 punch nobody ever heard of. Add happy-again Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur and we have the superior team getting three-points.

We also expect the deep Jazz to have the services of Matt Harpring tonight. Though he's listed as a game time decision, we are told he's likely to play.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Early Season NBA Sports Betting Crib Sheet

As is the case in all sports, everyone and their sister are doing NBA season previews. This is very much true even with those in the handicapping industry. From a spread bettor’s standpoint, these forecasts can have little value.

As we point out similar examples in every sport, San Antonio could have the best record in the NBA and Atlanta could have the worst.  Yet it’s still conceivable that the Hawks could have a better spread record.

Being right about projected divisional standings assures little in spread betting.  Just imagine the gambling bloodbath when such predictions are wrong.

This year’s NFL is an aberration where the two of the three teams widely considered being the best in the NFL before the year started—Indianapolis and New England—also have great spread records. How quickly we forget the Chargers were among the big three preseason favorites, though we know they will be heard from. But let us get back to the NBA.

Elite handicappers look for fluid tendencies rather than handicapping an entire season before it starts. This is a big reason why we minimize futures bets and even playoff series bets, to eliminate the danger of being even subconsciously biased in our day to day soothsaying.

At, we compile pages of notes for our betting “cheat sheets” on every team, updated daily. So here are some highlights of early tendencies we are looking for in our every day NBA handicapping:

Golden State: “Predictably Unpredictable”

One of our many Golden Rules of sports handicapping is that square players avoid erratic teams, sharp players love them. In short, the angle is that we bet against such teams the hotter and bigger favorite they are and wager on them the colder and bigger underdog they become.

Yes, professional gamblers know there are many situations to go with horrible, slumping teams and go against elite teams during their winning streak. Why will the Warriors be a team squares hate and sharpies love?

Well, yet another Golden Rule that has made you and us a fortune this college football season: it’s easier to be the hunter than the hunted. Golden State enters the year as a chic team fresh off a 16-5 straight up run to close out the regular season, followed by the historic upset of Dallas.

Golden State is a high flying, up-tempo team that lives off the three-point shot. Last year they led the league in three-point attempts and their average went up after the Jan. 16 trade in which they acquired Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington.

Riding the hot hand, they shot the three-pointer even more in the playoffs, averaging a stunning 31 attempts per game in the post-season compared to 23.4 attempts before the aforesaid trade. This is even more significant because defenses tighten and the pace slows in the postseason.

This formula means they will look like a lottery team one night and a championship contender the next night. Perhaps it’s the Golden (State) Rule. Watch them drive 90 percent of gamblers nuts, yet be “Golden” going both for and against for wiseguy gamblers, depending on the situation.

Grizzlies Built to Improve as the Year Goes On

Memphis had the worst record in the NBA last year, but they have a fresh coach, new GM, and a plethora of new to the job players.  

And we do mean “new”. Their coach Mark Iavaroni has his first head coaching job. Other than Damon Stoudamire, the average player has less than three years NBA experience. They will be better in January and February than in November. Best of all, their early season struggles will lower their value with the offshore and Vegas sportsbooks just in time for them to improve.

Look for us to ride them as huge underdogs after their first 15-20 games of abysmal play. We eye them as one of the top dichotomous ATS and SU squads.  Again, the script and a successful evergreen one at that: we discount 98 percent of trends, but this has proven to be the exception to the rule. If a team has a great SU record but horrid ATS record or visa versa, we bet for that to continue as it is the sign of which teams are most under or overvalued.

Mavericks an Early Season “Over” Team

Dallas coach Avery Johnson transformed the Mavericks from a shoot and let God sort them out team to a squad that thought defense first, second and third. The result was one of the great postseason failures in sports history.

Johnson learned that having Dirk Nowitzki thinking defense foremost is the equivalent of trying to make Peyton Manning or Tom Brady a thousand yard rusher.

Not only will Dallas correct that blunder, but the focus this offseason was improving their weakness: their offense against the zone. New assistant coach Paul Westphal was hired to do just that, among other things focusing on execution rather than trying to outsmart their opponent with new fangled looks. This is a wise move considering Dallas has the offensive weapons. Look for point guard Devin Harris to be among the most improved players in the league offensively.

Nets Will Come Out of the Gates Quickly

The Nets point guard and leader Jason Kidd is what a point guard should be.  He makes players better and brings into play his weapons. He has a lot more to work with this year. Jamaal Magloire, Sean Williams and Malik Allen have been added, Josh Boone is rapidly improving and Nenad Krstic is back from injury.

The team has gelled in camp and in the preseason. Buoyed by all this, we look for the Nets to look like world beaters early on.

The author, Joe Duffy is CEO of and a handicapper for GodsTips, exclusively on that site. Check out the full-season, weekly, monthly and other winning packages for sports bettors at   

Friday, October 26, 2007

GodsTips Puts Perfect Record on the Line Saturday With ESPN Game of the Year

Saturday, October 27, 2007


On Sept. 20, Miami Florida was the ESPN Thursday Game of the Year. Laying -2, the crushed Texas A&M 34-17. On Oct. 4, it was our Thursday Game of the Year on South Carolina -5 to Kentucky. They win by 15. October 13, Penn State was the Big 10 Game of the Year. Laying seven, they smash Wisconsin by 31. Then on October 20, we had to sweat one.  We stay undefeated with NCAAF Wise Guy plays as Florida beat Kentucky in the SEC Game of the Year.

We have the Saturday ESPN Game of the Year among three college football Wise Guy plays. We also have two more moneyline dogs among eight college winners, plus the World Series and Breeder's Cup Classic win, place and show. It's all for one charge of $17 at  



North Carolina has been quite competitive, losing to nationally ranked teams Virginia Tech and South Carolina by seven or less. In between, they beat South Carolina.

UNC is 6-1 straight up and ATS in the series. Wake is not as good as their record. They get just 3.6 yards per rush against teams normally allowing 4.0, 6.6 passing yards per attempt against teams normally allowing 7.1 and 4.9 yards per play against teams normally allowing 5.5.

Carolina gets 8.2 passing yards per attempt to 6.7 and 5.4 yards per play to 4.9.  Wake has better defensive numbers, but not by a huge margin.

We know UNC has some suspensions in their secondary, but they can rally around it.

Fresh off a needed bye week, the time off gave UNC even more time to learn the playbook. So far they are looking better each week. Defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano's unit has made significant strides through the first seven games of the season, culminating with a standout second-half performance against South Carolina. Steve Spurrier's offense was held to two first downs and 62 yards of offense during the final last 30 minutes two Saturdays ago.

Head coach Butch Davis attributed that gradual success to basic understanding of the playbook.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Radio Touts Revise Myth of Bailout Game

Joe Duffy (

Often spending 15 hours per day in front of this computer, I do listen to a lot of sports radio stations around the country via the magic of streaming audio. Every Monday, Friday and Saturday, I am entertained by so-called handicappers, "Vegas legends" and other mercenaries. The various pitchmen purchase infomercial segments peddling their weekly "opportunity of a lifetime".   

A handful of the touts do supply worthwhile information, but most of the shows, to quote politico William Gibbs, consists of an "an army of pompous phrases moving across the landscape in search of an idea."  It's a weekly echo chamber of how many ways the huckster tries to sway listeners into believers. "You have to know which teams are coming to play and which are not" generally followed by a strange segue comparing football teams to horses, race cars or other generic talking points.

However, the one recurring specific assertion makes me cringe because the boiler room tout is exploiting a myth with the intent of separating fools from their money.

It's the fairy-tale where the canned script claims that with about 60 or so college and pro football games they find "one game" in which "information so strong" comes in." Of course "when an opportunity this strong ("strong" seems to be a favorite word of the scamdicappers) lands on your lap, you have to simply unload on this game." As luck would have it, that week's treasure chest just so happens to fall on the same day the paid announcement is scheduled to broadcast.

The "unload on this one game" fool's gold could not be further detached from reality. Like we said in reference to the Tim Donaghy scandal, sharp players look to get information (not necessarily the vague claims of "inside" information) that will give them an edge over a span of hundreds of bets.

This is the No. 1 reason the NCAA should be concerned about Texas A&M coach Dennis Francione's secret newsletter. "Getting accurate injury information before the oddsmakers acquire it would increase any decent sports bettor's winning percentage by 6-8 percentage points" says Mike Godsey, Senior Handicapper of He admits that estimate errs on the conservative side.

Stevie Vincent of agrees if "every coach published a secret newsletter, professional gamblers would annihilate the sportsbooks."

But contrary to what the boiler room touts want you to believe, Vincent and Godsey are not referring to "betting the mortgage" on any single game or a small number of games, but hitting 60-plus percent of hundreds of bets per year.

Between having been the GM of the Freescoreboard scorephone network and now CEO of, I've gotten dozens of inquiries from handicappers who wanted to be part of said networks. I always demand at least a week's worth of writing samples before they are even given consideration.  

Frankly this caveat weeds out about 95 percent of applicants. If the aspiring candidate does not supply analysis that convinces me that the handicapper has insight that few bettors possess, he has zero chance of ever being on a site in which I am the decider.

My credo is that all established professional handicappers are proud to show off the amount of research that goes into a bet.  If a handicapper gives you no rationale, rest assured you just paid for a coin flip.

Many claim to have "information" such as the previously referenced newest wave of radio touts. Those who actually can supply the privy and precise scoop will document their claims with specifics of what their knowledge actually is. Otherwise it's all propaganda.

Again, the golden rule is no matter how invaluable the lowdown proves to be, any upper hand will pay off long-term. This is no "bail out game".  Excluding pushes, even the preeminent gamblers will lose four out of every 10 bets.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the professional gambler and the degenerate is that the elite bettors measure success by the month, year and decade. Losing 40 percent of their bets has to be the cost of doing business.  The deadbeat meanwhile falls prey to any clown with a sales pitch and an 800 number.

Luckily for radio sales people and bookmakers, so many rainbow chasers continue to choose the latter.

Joe Duffy is CEO of and lead handicapper of GodsTips on said site. His picks are always backed by specific rationale as to why you too should bet his plays.

Friday, October 19, 2007

GodsTips 31-15 All Football Wise Guy Plays Since NFLX; SEC GOY Saturday

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Last Saturday it was a rout with Penn State as the Big 10 Game of the Year. Laying seven, they smash Wisconsin by 31. i fact, every college football game of the year this season has been easy! On Sept. 20, Miami Florida was the ESPN Game of the Year. Laying -2, the crushed Texas A&M 34-17. On Oct. 4, it was our Thursday Game of the Year on South Carolina -5 to Kentucky. They win by 15. Now the SEC Game of the Year

Florida-Kentucky is among two Wise Guy sides. We also have four Major play side selections in CFB and three Dandy Dog moneyline plays. Dandy dogs are moneyline dogs of 140 or more (includes runline getting back 140 or more). Oh and we have the Indians-Red Sox side. You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at    


WEST VIRGINIA -25.5 Mississippi State

WVU will have their stud quarterback healthy. After a week off, Pat White and the ninth-ranked Mountaineers (5-1) return to the field to host SEC foe Mississippi State (4-3) on Saturday.

White sat out the second half of West Virginia's lone defeat, 21-13 at South Florida on Sept. 28, after bruising his thigh. He returned the following week at Syracuse, but had to leave midway through the third quarter with a strained chest muscle.

It's also a chance for the disrespected Big East to make a statement against the beloved SEC.  The chalks have the firepower to do it. West Virginia ranks sixth in the nation with 42.8 points per game and fourth with 311.2 rushing yards per contest.

MSU will go with freshman quarterback Wes Carroll as they try to keep up. Carroll is one of three quarterbacks to make a start this season because of injuries for the Bulldogs, who rank last in the SEC with 143.7 passing yards per game. Carroll was diagnosed with a mild concussion at halftime, but will start against the Mountaineers.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Handicapping OT in CFB; Pitching and Defense Myth and Winning NFL Props

It's been awhile since we authored a volume in this series. However more anticipated than a Harry Potter novel, the Tid-Bets return to take a look at various sports handicapping and betting issues.

How Do Handicappers Work Overtime?

CBS announcer Gary Danielson accurately observed how college football overtimes can greatly distort statistics. From a handicapping standpoint, this is certainly true for those who use deceptive rankings or points per game statistics. Luckily sharp bettors do not or they are weighted very lightly.

The main statistics that we use: yards per rush, yards per pass, and yards per play on offense and defense compared to the cumulative average of their opponents are not debased by overtime play.  The same is true for ace football handicapper Mike Godsey of who utilizes net yard advantage/disadvantage cumulative statistics.

We've explained in previous articles why straight up wins and losses, point margin, and offensive and defensive rankings are the most popular choices of square players planning their own sportsbook death sentence.

"If a team wins by eight points in four overtimes, it looks the same as an eight-point win in regulation," says Mike Godsey, referring to those who use the above fatal stats.

"But if the losing team is stopped on the three-yard line trying to tie the game, it is very much accounted for in our statistics," brags Godsey.

Godsey adds that while as a fan he despises the fact that teams start 25 yards from pay dirt; it is built-in insurance that the more reliable numbers don't get too distorted in overtime.

Will the Pitching and Defense Cliché Ever Die?

In 2007, no surprise, seven of the top eight offenses based on a team's on base percentage made the playoffs. Two of the three teams that finished with 70 wins or less, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, ranked in the top five in defense, ahead of six of the eight playoff teams. And six of the top 10 pitching teams missed the playoffs.

This is on the heels of St. Louis winning the World Series with Chris Carpenter and a cast of rejects on their pitching staff. Their closer was a converted rookie starting pitcher. The year before the White Sox had a good starting pitching staff and an abysmal bullpen. In recent years, Arizona won with Johnson and Schilling and the rest of the staff worth killing.

The Toronto Blue Jays this most recent campaign had the best pitching staff in MLB with A.J. Burnett, Roy Halladay, Dustin McGowan, Shaun Marcum and Jesse Litsch. All they did was finish 13 games out of first place.

This year the Colorado Rockies enter the World Series having won an historic 21-of-22 games. The ace of their staff is Jeff Francis, a very solid pitcher indeed. Problem is, he'd be the No. 3 starter on the Atlanta Braves, a team that the media said failed to make the playoffs because of lack of pitching. But not to worry, rounding out the Rockies pitching staff is Ubadlo Jimenez and Franklin Morales.  Combined, they have seven career wins under their belt. Yes, combined they have seven more wins at the Major League level than I do.

Pitching and defense wins in the media, but the teams with the best clutch hitting are the squads that professional gamblers laugh with all the way to the bank.

ESPN Fantasy Football Simulations a Tool for Proposition Bettors

Over the last several years, online gamblers have been able to bet on the production of individual players in their respective sports. An elite gambler in fantasy football betting is Mike Snow of

He says there is no better starting point than the ESPN fantasy football projections. "We of course make adjustments for injuries, but contrasting the player proposition odds to the ESPN simulations has proven to be great foundation in fantasy NFL betting."

Lower betting limits make it more challenging for sharp players to clean house on the sportsbooks, but Snow says some of the highest return on investments have been in betting NFL player propositions.

Joe Duffy's sports betting selections are at   He is former General Manager of the Freescoreboard scorephone network and CEO of, the premier hub of world-class handicappers.

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Radio Touts

It looks like a new entrant in the revolving door of radio touts. Joining Jonathan Stone, Bobby Ventura (he's a Vegas legend), Adam Smith (who's a handicapping legend), Dr. Greene who is I guess just a tout, is now Adam Zinn.

We could here the WPEN Philadelphia co-host strain as he pretended to be a client. We are awaiting our telematching callback to see if any can match the hard sell of Bobby Ventura, who's sales crook gave a profane rant that would make Stu Feiner, Jeff Allen and Johnny DeMarco proud.

I guess somebody needs to keep the bookmakers in business so they can pay clients of   

No. 1 Handicapper All-Time, Red Hot and MNF, MLB and NHL Sweep Tonight

Monday, October 15, 2007



Seriously, are you on the outside looking in? What a year you are missing.  Actually what a last three decades you've been missing.  Begin the rest of you gambling life now.  Get MNF, MLB sides plus two NHL sides, both Wise Guy plays.

11-3 football Wise Guy ATS sides. Among them, the Big 10 Game of the Year on Penn State! We are finishing off the Monday card fresh off a 7-3 Sunday. This is why for us, simple W-L do not do us justice, because we dominate moneyline dogs. We are 16-10 the last three days, but that includes moneyline gifts Saturday Louisville +345 and Iowa +160 as well as our last NHL, Friday on Chicago +260. That's 4.5 extra winners says your wallet. You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at  


COLORADO (MORALES -177) Arizona (Owings)

Colorado is one of the hottest teams in MLB. How can you get hotter than 5-0 in the postseason (really 6-0 as one-game playoffs are officially regular season) and 20-1 their last 21 when all were "must win"?

The answer is you can't. So now, Arizona sends Micah Owings to the hill making his postseason debut. Owings has a 4.95 road ERA. Colorado has won six straight with Morales.

The Rockies are 10-2 in the series.


Friday, October 12, 2007

7-1 Football ATS Wise Guy Sides; 3 More Among 12 NCAAF Saturday

Saturday, October 13, 2007


America's Greatest sports service is 7-1 our last eight Wise Guy ATS football sides.  The last one was the NFC Game of the Year on Washington crushing Detroit by 31 (Inter-Conference Game of the Year Colts-Cowboys goes tomorrow). We have three more Wise Guy plays (all ATS sides) plus nine majors, which includes three moneyline Dandy Dogs. Dandy dogs are moneyline dogs of 140 or more (includes runline getting back 140 or more).  You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at  


INDIANA +3.5 Michigan State

The Hoosiers will bring the same spread offense to East Lansing that Northwestern used to pile up 611 yards of offense and seven touchdowns against the suddenly susceptible Spartans' defense.

All the pressure is on Michigan State with their backs to the wall after losing two straight. Indiana is playing with house money, all of a sudden a bowl strong possibility after years of futility.

Unlike Northwestern's C.J. Bacher, who simply picked apart the Spartans' defense with passes, Indiana quarterback Kellen Lewis is also a threat to run the ball. He's averaging more than 300 yards of total offense per game.

At nearly 75 yards per game, Lewis is the Hoosiers' leading rusher. He's also throwing the ball well, completing over 60 percent of his passes for about 243 yards per game.

Spartan slayer James Hardy is Lewis' favorite target. The last two years, Hardy has lit up

Michigan State's defense to the tune of 14 receptions for 160 yards and six touchdowns.

Last season, the Spartans suffered a 46-21 shellacking by Indiana in which Hardy caught four touchdowns. In 2005, Michigan State blasted the Hoosiers 46-15, but Hardy scored both of his team's touchdowns.

Indiana isn't just getting it done on offense either. The Hoosiers lead the nation in sacks, averaging nearly five per game. Michigan State is tied for fourth in the nation in sacks, averaging four per game.



College Football Betting

Here are some sports betting injuries, plus news and notes for Saturday


USC's preseason Heisman Trophy candidate, QB Josh Booty is out. Booty was injured in the second quarter of USC's stunning loss to Stanford. His replacement is Mark Sanchez a third-year sophomore making his first career start. USC will likely also be without tailback Stafon Johnson. He is their leading rusher with 378 yards and a remarkable 8.3 yards per carry.

Washington State-Oregon

It looks like the Cougars will be without the leading receiver in the conference, wideout Brandon Gibson, who has a heel injury. He is considered doubtful.


Virginia will likely have to beat undefeated Connecticut without the second leading rusher in the ACC Cedric Peerman.  He is out with an ankle injury.

Which team is 16-2 as road underdogs of 7 or less? Which team has gone under 26-4 after getting less than 275 yards total last game? Which squad is 1-9 their last 10 as a favorite? Stevie Vincent of believes less is more and says just 3 game sides or over/under plays are worth betting Saturday. Two are Level 5 including the Non-Conference over/under of the QUARTER CENTURY. All three picks have 100% angles supporting them. Click now to purchase


LSU wide receiver and return playmaker should play, but may not get his normal playing time.  He is slowed by a groin injury.

GA Tech-Miami

Yellow Jackets wide receiver is now expected to have the services of starting wide receiver James Johnson, who has seven catches this year. Also wide receiver Correy Earls will probably get his first snaps since suffering a neck injury Sept. 29 versus the Virginia Cavaliers.

SMU-Southern Miss

This is the first Wise Guy side selection from GodsTips since last Sunday when the Redskins crushed the Lions as the NFC Game of the Year. Keep in mind that the Inter-Conference Game of the Year goes Sunday with Indianapolis-Dallas but first GodsTips has three college football Wise Guy sides. SMU and Southern Miss is one as is the Big 10 Game of the Year. Get the three-day pass for $45 which also gets you the Colts-Cowboys huge Wise Guy Sunday. Click now to purchase

South Carolina-North Carolina

The Gamecocks have won 7-of-9 road games with the only losses at top ranked LSU and by one-point to Florida.


For those who bet first and second half lines, note that Stanford has allowed just 68 first half points, but 96 second half.


Auburn has five starters who could miss this game. That includes defensive end Quentin Groves, starting center Jason Bosley is also unlikely. Questionable include linebackers Tray Blackman and Merrill Jackson. Defensive back Aairon Savage is out.


Missouri will be without running back Tony Temple with a sprained right ankle. He has a team high 351 yards, three touchdowns on 71 carries. Missouri is 11th in scoring at 41.8 points per game.

Sports Betting Experts Say the Best Weekend Yet May Be In Store

This weekend has the makings of the biggest one of the year in sports gambling. It's a rare example of the marquee game that is also one to exploit the sportsbooks

Tom Brady, Randy Moss and his undefeated New England Patriots travel to Irving, Texas and take on the Dallas Cowboys. Not surprisingly, Cowboys Terrell Owens has cast the first of what could be many stones, claiming he is the "original No. 81".

Currently BetUs Sportsbook has New England as a 5.5 point favorite with a total of 53.5.

The big story on the Cowboys-Patriots clash is the Dream Team at GodsTips has their Inter-conference Game of the Year on this contest. Last week, they nailed Washington over Detroit as the NFC Game of the Year.

A 3.5 point online sportsbook favorite, Washington won 34-3. GodsTips has also built up a great reputation picking moneyline winners outright and three dog moneyline winners go Saturday in college football as does the Big 10 Game of the Year. Elite gamblers can get the GodsTips four-day pass for just $55 Click now to purchase

Meanwhile, mastering over/under plays is high on the list of why forensic handicapping founder Stevie Vincent has replaced Dr. Bob and Phil Steele's Preferred Picks as the top choice among betting syndicates. Stanford and TCU is his Non-Conference over/under bet of the Quarter Century. Stevie's plays can be had for four-days at just $125.

Gamblers can fellow their radio and purchase Jonathan Stone's stone cold locks, Wayne Allan Root's winning edge, Tony Smith the alleged Vegas legend or some guy named Bobby Ventura, who we've been told does a hard boiler room sell.

They can listen to boob tube and get Scott Sprietzer, Jim Feist or Dave Cokin. But those who want to listen to sharp players and their own wallet will choose only the elite handicappers at

The top sports handicapper site in America is and features Mike Godsey and sports betting expert Joe Duffy of GodsTips, Stevie Vincent and, which has all the top sports service plays from all the top handicappers in their highest rated sports.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

GodsTips 15-6 NFL, NFC Game of the Year Goes Sunday

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Wise Guy plays are 14-5 the last 19.  Tennessee and Illinois yesterday make it 6-1 with all football Wise Guy ATS sides. Our NFC Game of the Year is among three NFL plus two MLB.  More may be coming Sunday morning inclusive of course in all purchases (password is valid all day). You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at  


NY GIANTS -3.5 NY Jets

The Jets are demonstrative of one of the great truisms in sports betting. Teams that were Cinderella the previous year are, more times than not, great go-against plays early the next year.

The Jets coach is no longer Man Genius. The Jets are getting a measly 4.9 yards per play against teams normally allowing 5.6. They are getting a full yard less rushing than their opponent normally allows.

On defense they are giving up 8.0 yards per pass to teams normally getting 6.7.

On the other hand, the Giants are above average on both sides of the ball getting 5.4 yards per play against teams normally allowing 5.2 and holding teams to .4 yards per play below their normal average.

The Giants will get back Brandon Jacobs.  Meanwhile Plaxico Burress appears to be his normal no practice, but will play status. The Jets have just three sacks, so improving Giants quarterback Eli Manning will have a huge day.  

Friday, October 05, 2007

GodsTips 3 Wise Guy Plays as We Sweep NCAAF WG 3-of-4 Weeks, 2-0 This Week

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Yes, we have three CFB Wise Guy plays for Saturday, two ATS and a moneyline dog.  We have swept CFB Wise Guy plays two of the previous three weeks and we are already 2-0 with such plays this week including the Thursday Night Game of the Year on South Carolina. We have 10 CFB plus two MLB.

Get this, five of our college football are moneyline dogs and five are to the number. Go 12-0 in CFB and MLB. You get the all of today's Joe Duffy's GodsTips  $17 at  


FLORIDA +7 lsu

We were quite surprised when Florida was getting as much as nine, but now that it's on a key number, a game that we penciled in as Wise Guy is a Major—but a big play nonetheless.

We remind clients all the time not to overreact to the previous week's results.  Upsets happen and Florida's loss to a good Auburn team in the last second, was just that—an upset.

The last time Florida was supposed to get slapped around, the won the national championship.


Gambling News and Notes For Saturday

Here are some sports handicapping and college football betting news and notes for the Saturday card.

Utah State-Hawaii

According to professional bettor Cy McCormick and head of the online betting syndicate, “When there is a large pointspread, a major key is to look at the motivation level of each team.” The line is 39.5.

Well Hawaii will have incentive to go nuts. Rainbow Warriors record setting quarterback Colt Brennan looks to redeem himself following tossing a school record five interceptions last week to Idaho.

Don’t look for the outright upset.  Utah State has lost 11 straight games.  Their last road win was 2005 and they are 1-42 to ranked foes. Hawaii is ranked 16ht. Hawaii averages more than 60 points at home, compared to 47 on the road.    

Ohio State-Purdue

OSU has a 23-game regular season winning streak. They are seven point road favorites to a ranked team averaging 45 points per game. For those who bet first and second half lines, note that Purdue is outscoring teams by 78-3 in the first half, but they are outscored in the second half by 69-45.


Both teams are coming in off a loss. On a neutral field, Oklahoma is a 12.5 point favorite. Incredibly Oklahoma is 0-11 straight up in the series when coming off a loss.

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy will start despite rumors of a concussion that knocked him out of the game twice last weekend to Kansas State. Stevie Vincent, forensic handicapping founder and Senior Handicapper at has Level 5 plays on both the game side and over/under including his Big 12 over/under off All Time.

Arizona State-Washington State

ASU is laying nine on the road. However the toughest part of the schedule is ahead of them. They are 5-0 but with four road games and a road game at abysmal Stanford. ASU allows 13 points per game while Washington State is allowing 36.4 on 457 yards per game.


LSU has won 12 straight but their last loss was one year previous.  The opponent: Florida. GodsTips, the anchor of is both the No. 1 sports service and the hottest. The Florida-LSU winner is part of a humungous Saturday card. Already in with Wise Guy winners on Memphis and South Carolina (Thursday Night Game of the Year), they are eyeing their third college football Wise Guy sweep of the week in the last four weeks.


The road team has won the last four in the series.  Tennessee has lost four straight to ranked opponents going back to last year.

NC State-Florida State

Intangible handicappers note that FSU assistant coach Chuck Amato will be coaching against NC State, a team he was fired from last year despite five bowl appearances.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Marshall-Memphis Betting Preview

The Marshall Thundering Herd and the Memphis Tigers will both be trying to pick up a win on Tuesday when they battle at Liberty Bowl.

The top Online Sportsbook has the Tigers listed as 3-point favorites versus the Thundering Herd, while the game's total is sitting at 60.

The Thundering Herd were crushed 40-14 last week by the Cincinnati Bearcats, as 24.5-point underdogs. The 54 points were a PUSH against the posted total of 54.

Bernard Morris completed 20-of-30 pass attempts for 255 yards with two touchdowns in a losing effort.

The Tigers got up early, and failed ot hold on in a 35-31 loss last time out. The Tigers failed to cover the 6-point spread at home, while the 66 runs made it OVER the posted total of 62.

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The Tigers had two rushing touchdowns, and Martin Hankins caught another in the loss.

Current streak:
Marshall has lost 4 straight games.
Memphis has lost 2 straight games.

Team records:
Marshall: 0-4 SU, 1-2 ATS
Memphis: 1-3 SU, 1-1-1 ATS

Marshall most recently:
When playing in October are 6-4
When playing on turf are 4-6
After being outgained are 4-6
When playing within the conference are 4-6

Memphis most recently:
When playing in October are 4-6
When playing on turf are 2-8
After outgaining opponent are 5-5
When playing within the conference are 2-8

A few trends to consider:
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Marshall's last 6 games on the road
Marshall is 1-9 SU in its last 10 games on the road
Marshall is 1-10-1 ATS in its last 12 games on the road
Marshall is 0-5 SU in its last 5 games
Memphis is 2-12 SU in its last 14 games
Memphis is 1-7 SU in its last 8 games at home

Next up:
Marshall at Tulsa, Saturday, October 13
Memphis home to Middle Tennessee, Saturday, October 13


Monday, October 01, 2007

The Top NFL Sports Service is 15-6 in the NFL, MNF Side Up Now

Monday, October 01, 2007


Huge special, now until BCS Championship game for $949. Yes we go 5-1 in the NFL, but your pocket says we went better than 6-1 thanks to Arizona on the moneyline getting 220! We are on a 15-6 overall run (your wallet says add another win). Tonight we have the MNF side plus the MLB San Diego-Colorado side.

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New England-Cincinnati OVER 53.5

Despite the super high total, it's tough not to go with the over. New England has scored 38 points every game and face their worst defense yet. The Bengals personify the difference between a high powered offense and a good one.  They are explosive but ineffective because they continue to put their defense back on the field. 

We have two words to describe that phenomenon: over and over. Their contests average 62.7 points per game.  The Pats get an amazing 9.9 yards per pass against teams normally allowing 8.0.  Tom Brady to Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth is deadly.

Of course Carson Palmer has his share of weapons too with Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Finally though, the Pats have an offense that can keep up with them.

Palmer had a league-high 80 completions the first three weeks. T.J. Houshmandzadeh came into Week 4 leading the NFL with 29 receptions, while Chad Johnson was third with 25 and first with 442 receiving yards. Without Rudi Johnson, it's all wideouts all the time tonight.


The shootout puts the game over the total.


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