Baseball Betting

Baseball betting is often the sport in which the men are separated from the boys, or more accurately, the sharp from the square.  The main reason is that professional gamblers know how to properly isolate underdog winners at the online sportsbook.

While Stevie Vincent is considered the top MLB odds over/under handicapper, Joe Duffy, CEO of the top sports betting service site is the winningest all-time baseball handicapper based on units won.

Duffy is the same JD of the ACC many of you won with for decades on the scorephone “Cadillac Club” 900 number.
Among the best resources for the professional bettor is the baseball betting match-up reports not to mention the previews for MLB baseball betting.

Other tremendous insight into handicapping baseball is on the scores and odds site Odds, ATS standings, home and away tendencies and more are on this great betting on sports site.

Weather sites such as AccuWeather and are widely used more so for wind direction and speed than any other facet of sports betting lines. also features Matt Rivers, the baseball service consensus picks of the MasterLockLine and many free MLB sports picks.


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