Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14 NFL Scores, Odds, Picks, Predictions to Sportsbook Lines

Week 14 NFL picks plus college basketball winners are up from the top football betting experts in the world at

Here are the big sports handicappers NFL expert picks against the spread. Have you been part of NFL betting history with The Canadian Crew?

The wunderkinds are better than virtually every handicapper and bettor who has walked this earth. But in past and future lifetimes this is the type of year everyone else fantasizes about. But you have experienced with them and you have made a fortune. More winners are coming. It's three big winners including the NFL Best Bet of the Week. Get those three locks now. For those who have not experienced the 45-19 year going back to preseason, it's never too late to reach your financial dreams.

They have hit 7-of-8 named plays in all sports as the Crew dominates NFL again today.

The must bet for all professional NFL gamblers is The LateInfo Line. It is another part of OffshoreInsiders.  Formally part of the FreeScoreboard scorephone days, since 2001 LateInfo is 70-80 percent in each and every sport, broken down college and pro separately.

Big Red wins last Sunday with the Saints as LateInfo is clearly well on their way to another calendar year of 65-percent plus winners. The first NCAA basketball pick of the year wins with Oklahoma State on national TV. Now get the Bears vs. Broncos from "Big Red" is a major figure and pioneer in offshore betting. He has unique access to professional oddsmakers and gamblers. All his bets are based on consulting with elite handicappers, pro bettors and linesmakers. It's exclusively on LateInfo.

Bills vs. Chargers is the latest Key Play of the Day as The POD is rolling along. It was Loyola Chicago making the POD 60-35 since coming exclusively to It's 11-2 in collegiate hoops, but today the POD's biggest pick is in NFL, where things have been too easy. The key play of the day always unlocks wise guy information used by Vegas whales, heavy bullet point annotation using the scientific method. This documents why the Key POD has winning percentages never before seen in betting.

The Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine is now 17-2 the last 20 selections, fresh off a 6-0 sweep yesterday. They are 21-10 in the NFL.

MasterLockLine exclusive: We've developed data mining software that finds out what happens when two or more top sports services agree in the same side. Dr. Bob has 3* on the same side as Doc Sports 5* and Castlgate Sports Game of the Month. When Bob has 3*, Doc Sports 5* and Castlegate Game of the Week or higher it's 10-1 in college and NFL. It happens today.

Matt Rivers says last week I dropped a rare 500,000* bomb on the Arizona Cardinals in that outright overtime victory against Dallas. I'm back at it today and once again involved in a game involving Ken Whisenhunt's squad. Am I going back to that well and backing the Cards once again or is it time to jump ship and take the 10-2 49ers to continue their ridiculously impressive run.

The two biggest plays in my arsenal are here in what could be the biggest Sunday I have ever had. Two plays today led by the 500,000* 49ers-Cardinals plus a really solid nighttime 400,000* involving the Giants and Cowboys. Please for your sake do not miss out, please.

Ride Captain Vic upon his victory ship! Vic Duke is much like Bill Tanner—he's a consistent week in and week out winner. His latest is 12-6. He has five NFL winners up now. Included is a 3-unit play plus his highest rated exclusive yet on Atlanta vs. Carolina total. He also has a 3-unit play on the side. Go Captain Vic, go.

The top betting service ever GodsTips goes 6-2 on Saturday, but that is expected. America's Greatest hit every football this week: Monday with Chargers, Thursday with Browns, Saturday with Army. Our only Wise Guy yesterday was the Indiana Hoosiers. Get four NFL Sunday winners from the winningest sports service in history. We have also added a college basketball winner.

Bill Tanner is a rock-solid consistent winner. He's 16-10 in the NFL and that winning percentage is about to go much higher. Off another winning day yesterday, Bill has a Platinum Play side—his highest rated play among three NFL winners. He has another case where one team's steak is about to go in reverse and he breaks down why.

Tennessee Martin and Georgia Southern lead The Great One Stevie Vincent to a sweep of Level 5 plays part of a 4-2 overall Saturday. He is Mr. 60 percent plus. In the midst of another great 2011 in every sport, Stevie has four huge winners Sunday in pro football. Two are Level 5 plays. The top angle in each game is a combined 46-3 either against the spread or over/under. That's who big these games are.

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