Thursday, April 05, 2012

2012 Masters Favorites: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, and Luke Donald

Both MLB betting picks and 2012 Masters odds take center stage today. There are many day baseball picks up. We start out with the greatest MLB handicapper of all-time Joe Duffy of GodsTips. The Raptors are our only pay came in last night. Get two Opening Day winners, the first at 1 ET. At last one a Wise Guy underdog.

Now to the Key POD. Picking up where we left off last baseball season, the Key POD of course wins again nailing the under on St. Louis at Miami. Now get a day winner in baseball. Tonight has it all: contrarian picks, remarkable simulators aligning with sharp moves, money flow charts, Vegas whale intel, an substantial annotated corroboration.

The Great One Stevie Vincent has slapped the bookies in the face again as a Level 5 Toronto under was the latest sweep. Now it's another pro basketball total.

Bill Tanner wins in every sport. Yes as his 6-1 tear shows, he's the best ever in the NBA, but few are better in MLB. He starts out the winning on ESPN2 at 1 ET with his first Platinum Play, plus two NBA for tonight.

That's right, baseball is by far the best sport to gamble on says Matt Rivers. And the best part about that is that a lot of people still somehow don't realize it.

Crookies don't like taking action on the diamond because they know they are more vulnerable here than anywhere without that neutralizing point spread involved. They can't shut down though with the hoops still around and after that have to stick it out so players don't go elsewhere for football. If you want to win and need to win with the bases than as always I am your man, no ands, ifs, or buts, and it all starts today.

A pair of 300,000* locks to kick the festivities off involving the Nationals and Cubs along with the Phillies and Pirates as I make it six winning days in the past eight. Bang and bang!

Now to the MasterLockLine. That didn't take long. The Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine sweeps the board Wednesday, including Opening Night MLB. Get two day baseball winners and a night lock. Then the biggest play is at night. Staff Purchase Play, this is when we pay a major sports service to release a major play before the sports service itself does. Major radio tout is advertising on 200 plus radio stations, local and network their TNT Stoned Cold Lock of the Month. They are selling it for $99. You get it for pennies on the dollar. Baseball picks and NBA winners are up on the Network.


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