Monday, April 02, 2012

Who To Bet On Kansas vs. Kentucky

Kansas vs. Kentucky National Championship Game sports picks are up on for both the side and total, not to mention some additional NBA locks.

For the official gambling preview of Kansas vs. Kentucky, please check out the YouTube betting channel used by pro gamblers.

Here is who is hot and who has the big plays. The other of the two most well known pro gamblers in Vegas "loves" tonight's side on KU/UK. We name the gambler and give you the winner. It will be the third straight winner on the latest winning streak.  We mean other than the star bettor who gave you the previous two locks.

A worldwide totals betting alert has been issued for the National Championship game from the top totals handicapper in the land, Stevie Vincent on the Kentucky/Kansas contest. Also get a rock solid Level 3 pro basketball lock. TGO is 12-3 the last 15.

Going back to our legendary scorephone days, Center of the Handicapping Universe GodsTips is 17-5 with National Championship game sides in men's college basketball. Now get the Kansas vs. Kentucky side. Free picks for tonight's basketball are also up.

The POD is 10-4 the last 14 in NCAAB. While not as amazing as the first two months of the collegiate basketball season, finish off the basketball year with the Kansas-Kentucky side. It has tons of substantiation bullet-pointed with this winner.

15-5 overall run for the Duke, Vic Duke. His first play is up, the Kansas and Kentucky total, a 3-unit play. All of Vic's plays are "big plays." Most are 1-3 units, though he does release a few famed Vic Duke Exclusives per week, rated even higher. His price is reduced, but depending on possible late steam may go up before the day is out. Get in on the bottom floor as of course you password stays active and you get all late steam. Get down now as the price could rise.

A recent in-depth and exhaustive study extrapolated that focusing on long-term proven No. 1 services (see national ranked explanation below) has ratified our winning percentage will rise by 1.1 percent. Any gambler knows this is substantial. With said data, Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine for focus even more on proven winners.

The top basketball handicapper of modern times is a decent 4-1 the last five Platinum Plays. Time to rise up for baseball season. Get three winners tonight. While the Kansas-Kentucky side is very strong, it's not the biggest of the day by any means. Get an NBA Platinum on the Clippers and Mavericks with is the #1 NBA Best Bet of Week

The wunderkinds of the Canadian Crew have the Kentucky vs. Kansas winner. As strong as that play is—and it's plenty strong—they love an NBA game even more. NBA Best Bet of the Week is Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder.

Injuries, team chemistry, false public perception in which linesmaker's account for, bench depth and more apply tonight.

Another winner yesterday as Oklahoma City completely annihilated the Bulls as Matt Rivers said they would. One play today and it's on the college hardwoods as Kansas and Kentucky go at it for all of the marbles. Are we looking at another Calipari/Self classic? Maybe, maybe not but in the end I have the winner and that's all that is needed. 400,000* Kansas-Kentucky as I win for the fourth time in the past five days.  Kentucky vs. Kansas picks and predictions from the best bettors are on the Network.



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