Sunday, October 05, 2014

Expert NFL Picks Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants Odds Week 5

Build on the 19-10 run, destroying bookmakers in football with a MasterLockLine EXCLUSIVE: Widely considered the most decorated handicapping contest winner in history, Fat Al from Raleigh has an exclusive arrangement to give us his real money maximum best bets. He calls them his no offense, you do not know what you are talking about bets to anyone who disagree. Most top sportsbooks have him on their winners list of sharp players. This is his first maximum bet of the season on Ravens/Colts side
Service out of Chicago is the new No. 1 college and NFL for 2014 off a 9-1 Saturday. First time since 2011 their NFL Game of the Week is the SNF Game. The winning picks are at The betting preview podcast for week 5 NFL Sunday day games is up


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