Sunday, April 29, 2018

NHL Betting Podcast and Free Pick

Audio Recording: 'NHL Betting Winner' From 'Sports Betting Podcasts': NHL Betting Winner

Joe Duffy's Picks know that there is no shortage of scamdicappers who lie about their records. A few times a year we almost want to. Why? Because we often go on long-term explosions no other gambler ever achieves and those of you on the outside looking in are understandably skeptical. But we don’t lie, in part because we don’t have to. 56-17 with all basketball picks. I am 431-307 in all sports since August 27, winning the juice 47 times including +191 and 163 the previous three days. As our software continues to get better and we uncover more and more jaw-dropping angles, the staggering winning will only continue and likely increase.
Wow, talk about a six-pack of winners. Get both NHL and both NBA sides, plus two MLB Get the picks now  NHL, WNBA are considered niche, hence we will count those records separately.


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