Thursday, November 08, 2018

Jonathan Stone Football Picks? Get the Best Here

Yes, we are getting text SPAM from Jonathan Stone, once known as the "Living Legend" on the score phone days. Forget about that. Stick with the best of the best of the best!

#BreakingNews: NFL total added! Of course, we win again, going 6-2 to improve to 824-655. You are nuts if you bet without us. I mean clinically insane! We put our 14-1 NFL primetime record on the line with TNF NFL side and total as total was added at 10:01 AM this morning. Better than even our usual NBA start continues with two NBA Wise Guys. That’s four winners in three sports.  Get the picks now 

Friday, college football side and total. Saturday, 11 Wise Guys plus a Major.  Sunday, seven Majors and two Wise Guys. Monday, get MNF total! As long as you have a package that includes Monday you can access all week’s picks. So get Bet it Trinity or Joe Duffy’s Picks five-day pick pack or longer.  


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