Friday, October 25, 2019

USC vs. Colorado Free Pick, World Series Game 3 What Bettors Must Know

Friday  All sports I own! Joe Duffy is 24-14 college football and 4-0 with NBA Majors. Wise Guy side, Major total on World Series Game 3 plus Friday night college football total and seven NBA Major plays. Yes, 10 winners in all. Still like those coin flips on three and four-letter network websites from aspiring writers who know nada about handicapping? Welcome back to winners from a 31-year professional. It’s all I’ve done my adult life. Your degenerate handicapper wins.  Get the picks now

 ***College Football Total of the Year among eight CFB, two Wise Guys continues historic run. Though we only care about winners, not marquee games, the Wisconsin-Ohio State side is included. We have NFL Wise Guy as well. As long as you have a package that includes Monday you can access all week’s picks. So get Bet it Trinity or Joe Duffy’s Picks (includes football)



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