Sunday, August 05, 2018

Famed Bettors' Tailgate Party is Live and Interactive This Football Season

The famed NFL Bettor’s Tailgate Party continues to embrace new technology. This NFL regular season, enormously popular show will be simulcast live on YouTube, Periscope, Facebook as well as international sites. 

The Tailgate Party has free picks, against the spread trends, sportsbook public betting consensus plays, sharp moves, injuries, weather conditions, fantasy football intel, computer systems, betting news and notes, best sportsbooks and sportsbook bonuses, line moves, and more. Host and Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy answers questions from viewers. 

The Bettor’s Tailgate Party originated on the scorephones in the 1980s, continued with podcasts and videos and now has evolved into the live simulcasts for real-time sports betting information. has committed to every Sunday NFL at 10 AM ET with dry runs every night during the first three weeks of NFL preseason at 5 ET. Hence, it is the longest continuous sports handicapping broadcast in the world, having evolved from audiotext straight through to live interactive videos. 

It has been considered must-watch (or listen) by pro bettors for more than a quarter of a century. Duffy hopes to expand it to every football day, college and pro. “The time investment in compiling all this sharp information is enormous,” but Duffy continued, “as long as the interest is there” will expand to Saturdays, not to mention Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights! 

The Bettor’s Tailgate Party is a production of, which features some of the most respected sports picks on American sports, led by 30-year veteran handicapper Joe Duffy.  The links are YouTube (, Periscope (, Facebook (


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