Wednesday, August 29, 2018

UCF vs. UConn Free Sports Pick from

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First wave of Labor Day weekend winners are up! Two college football and eight NFL Thursday led by NFL Preseason Game of the Year! Follow that monster with two college Friday, then Saturday it is the NBC Non-Conference Game of the Year on Michigan vs. Notre Dame!  Lock in now to a long-term pick pack. As long as you have a package that includes Sunday, you can access. Get the Joe Duffy or Bet it Trinity five-day pick pack (including football only) to access. Four years ago, we started releasing our plays early in the week. Not only am I advisor to many of the sharpest bettors on earth, but also top syndicates started discovering some of my top metrics as well. We continue to beat the live moves, with closing line value (difference between when we release and the closing line) exceeding a FG on sides and more on totals) at all from Joe Duffy.


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