Saturday, September 29, 2018

5 Free College Football Picks From Under Radar Games, Sharp Money, Line ...

Line moves, betting sports service picks. Only one pick last night on Colorado UNDER and it wins! Yeah, every sucker had the over, but the sharps had under. Saturday, wow or wow! Seven Wise Guys led by ACC Total of the Year. Four Majors in CFB. Get Ohio State-Penn State and Stanford-Notre Dame sides! The best handicapper has the highest profile games!

Sunday, it’s a season-high six NFL winners led by SNF AFC East Game of the Year. We have completely passed on most prime-time NFL games this year, but also have the SNF total! As long as you have a package through Sunday, you can access all picks posted for the weekend. Get at least the four-day pick pack of Joe Duffy or Bet it Trinity!

Bet Now releases “added rotation” games sooner than any vetted sportsbook in the world. They are Joe Duffy’s preferred book for the added rotation games in football and basketball.


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