Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bet On NFL Football

How will the announcement that new Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari will forfeit a second Final 4 appearance, this time with the Memphis Tigers affect the odds to win the 2010 NCAA Tournament? The early March Madness 2010 odds have Kentucky at 6/1 to win it all.

But the future is now. While square guys are most concerned about Jocelyn Saldana nude photos by Zach Hyman Photography, the sharp player wants tonight's NFL picks.

Here is the rundown of the football expert picks for Thursday night.

The nation's most successful handicapper based on units won, all sports combined, has the biggest play of the NFLX odds season so far, by any handicapper.

Led by Grandmaster sports handicapper Joe Duffy, GodsTips has the first Wise Guy of the NFL season on Cincinnati-New England. We have both sides and Bengals-Patriots total.

Oh, a windfall profits night again. Winning MLB card 15-of-20 was thanks to hitting the White Sox +124 and Dandy Dog Pittsburgh +150 in a Wise Guy sweep. In addition to three NFL winners, GodsTips has added two night underdogs—a Wise Guy and a Major. Click now to purchase

Now to superstar the message from superstar Stevie Vincent: Thank you so much to the professional bettors who have locked into our full season pick pack. For those who don't want to commit completely yet, this is the perfect time to buy at least the three day pass minimum. Friday, The Great One has the first Level 5 game side of the pro football preseason. Saturday it's the first Level 5 over/under.

Tonight, the highest rated play so far in NFLX. It's a Level 4 game side on Indianapolis and Philadelphia, plus the over/under in that game. Get three pro baseball including the Thursday Afternoon O/U of the QUARTER CENTURY. Click now to purchase

Last and certainly not least is the power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. An attorney/law professor/pro bettor turned pro bettor/professional handicapper out of Tri Cities, TN is best known for being the greatest SEC handicapper of all-time. However, he is also the top NFLX totals handicapper, based on all-time units won. Supreme Selections are his highest rated plays. He is 4-0 in NFLX already: Sunday Aug. 13 it was Buffalo over, Thursday, Aug 13 it was New England over, Friday the Rams, Saturday the Bears over. Bengals/Patriots total goes tonight

Staff Purchase Play, this is when we pay a major sports service to release a major play before the sports service itself does. A radio tout is advertising on 200 plus radio stations and radio networks their Preseason Stone Cold Lock of the Year on Cincinnati/New England

A satellite radio driven Las Vegas based website offers the top pick of each of their top handicappers for $89 for the day. Frankly only four of the handicappers are worth tracking. The rest are horrific. We have the top play from each of the top four: Eagles/Colts side and total and two MLB

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