Thursday, August 27, 2009

NFL Odds, Picks, Betting Predictions, and Spread Lines

It's only a matter of time before there are sportsbook odds on who replaces Ted Kennedy as United States Senator, but it's time to focus on NFL betting and MLB winning picks first.

Tonight, it's the Rams-Bengals, Dolphins-Buccaneers, and the Eagles-Jaguars. The afore hyperlinks are the official betting previews, but now let's get to who is hot and who has the big plays for Thursday NFL and MLB action.

If your NFL bets have been uglier than a John Mayer mugshot it's time to stick with the best.

Start out with the MasterLockLine. The MasterLockLine has the top plays from the top sports services in their highest ranked sports.

An attorney/law professor/pro bettor turned pro bettor/professional handicapper out of Tri Cities, TN is best known for being the greatest SEC handicapper of all-time. However, he is also the top NFLX totals handicapper, based on all-time units won. Supreme Selections are his highest rated plays. He is 5-1-1 in NFLX already including 4-0 with over/unders: Thursday, Aug 13 it was New England over, Friday Aug. 14 the Rams, Saturday Aug 15 the Bears over and Thursday Aug. 20 it was New England under. Monday, Aug. 24 it was the Jets over. You know it's legit because you got EVERY ONE OF THEM. Jaguars/Eagles over/under

The top money won handicapper in the 21st century is a handicapper out of Philadelphia who rates his plays 5, 7.5 and 10 stars. He is especially rewarding in professional sports, where his NFL and NBA combined units won is No. 1 all-time.  His first 10* of 2009 NFLX was on the Carolina/NY Giants over on Aug. 17. His second was on Aug. 21 on the Rams/Falcons over. On Aug. 22 he went to 3-0 with 10*s when he nailed New Orleans. You know it's legit because you got EVERY ONE OF THEM. Jacksonville/Philadelphia side

The No. 1 ranked football service both since 2005 and all-time is a service out of Las Vegas that has hit 58 percent or higher with "Vegas Insider' releases nine of the 11 years they've been in the business, exceeding 62 percent five times. (NFL and NCAAF combined). Two Vegas Insider plays. One agrees with the Jaguars/Eagles game side above, the other is on the Dolphins/Buccaneers side

A Las Vegas MLB service is literally having one of the all-time great season with Game/Total/Parlay of the Year. They've hit their AL and NL Games of the Year;  NL and AL 2-Team Parlays of the Year and in fact are 9-0 with all Game/Total/Parlay of the Year plays (parlays counted as individual plays). Now their NL 3-Team Parlay of the Year and it won't be easy as two are underdogs.

A satellite radio driven Las Vegas based website offers the top pick of each of their top handicappers for $89 for the day. Frankly only four of the handicappers are worth tracking. The rest are horrific. We have the top play from each of the top four. One agrees with a pick in the above 3-team parlay

Yes, all of the above picks are on the MasterLockLine.

Now to the "King of Offshore" who has made mastering over/under a huge part of the revolution, Stevie Vincent. By loyal client request, please see Stevie has a monthly package for clients who only bet football. To be honest, there is so much money to be made in baseball too, but we offer the discount for those who have some mercy on the bookies.

The Great One has two NFLX winners for Thursday night plus a night Level 5 in pro baseball.

Finally to the best in the land, Joe Duffy's GodsTips. Get three night MLB for a total of seven NFL and MLB. GodsTips goes 3-0 yesterday and is 6-0 the last two days.

America's greatest just keeps winning and woo-hoo college football starts in a week! The NFL Specialists are 3-1 with preseason football Wise Guys and more are coming this weekend so get the four or five day pass at least. Get all three Thursday night NFL sides and now get three night moneyline MLB and a day runline. Click now to purchase the MasterLockLine, GodsTips, or Stevie Vincent, or better yet, all three as the Bet it Trinity is just $64 for all three.  


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