Sunday, June 05, 2011

Free Pick and Rivers Bomb Sunday Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers  has a free pick Sunday is on the Twins.

I have been on the Twins a bunch recently and today will be just another one of those plays.

Minnesota is in the midst of one of their worst seasons in a long time and probably is going nowhere as they are just too far behind. But I'm not fully losing hope on Ron Gardenhire's gritty and talented club because they are not as bad as their porous record, no how no way. Sure Joe Nathan, Joe Mauer and Jason Kubel are all now out which hurts but there are still pieces on this Twins' team with Morneau, Cuddyer, Span and Young and after now winning the first three games of this series against the medicore at the very best Royals this price is just a bit silly.

I don't mind Kansas City as guys like Butler and Gordon are high quality hitters and Francouer and Cabrera are capable but the Royals are on their usual downward trend after the good start and all in all are not the overall team of today's opponent. The record may still favor the Royals but it won't for much longer and in a battle of these southpaws I will grab the price.

Jeff Francis was awesome years back in Colorado and has shown glimpses this season but it's not like he is the guy he used to be and therefore I will take my chances on the yes struggling, but still capable Brian Duensing. Things have not been great for the Twinkie lefthander but he showed a ton of upside with quality pitching earlier in the season and at this number I am just fine in taking my chances with him and the Twins, expecting a fourth straight victory.

Top expert pick on this game: Minnesota Twins

For more information: There is no bigger play that I possess than what I am releasing here from Big D. I am telling you here and now that this is the hindsight game of all hindsight games and I know exactly what is about to happen. We all know what transpired at the end of game two. Does that make the Heat a steaming mad squad that comes out with a vengeance or is Miami a little shell shocked leaving the door open for the Mavericks to take the 2-1 series lead?

500,000* Heat-Mavericks. One play, one winner, no problems. As I say above I will stake my entire reputation on this one game as that is how extremely confident I am in the outcome. 500,000* coming my way, end of story! Click now to purchase


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