Friday, June 10, 2011

Real Matt Rivers Free Picks Vegas Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick Friday is on the Toronto Blue Jays (+126) to Boston.

Reasoning: It's a little crazy to back a kid who just failed to win in something like 28 straight games against Clay Buchholz and the great Red Sox but at this home dog price that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Do I fully trust the former Brave lefthander? No certainly I don't but after just playing that huge series in the Bronx against the rival Yankees and with Dustin Pedroia suddenly injured and going up north of the border against the very capable Blue Jays led by a budding superstar in Jose Bautista and an offense that can be very good I will take my chances fading Boston and backing Toronto. It's not a bad spot at all to believe we could see an upset.

I have made it abundantly clear of late how much I believe in today's visitors. To put it bluntly Terry Francona's team is great and has a legitimate chance to win the World Series this season. They can bash away as good as any offense and the pitching is nothing to sneeze at even with guys like Dice-K and Lackey doing next to nothing.

The Jays are not a team with nearly the upside of the boys from Beantown but Bautista has been superb proving how last season was not a fluke and others like Lind, Hill and Arencibia are definitely dangerous. I have seen these AL East type games with Toronto a ton and the Jays are able to overachieve and hold their own in spots such as this one. Toronto manager John Farrell is the former Boston pitching coach and should be able to have a quality scouting report on his former club making me believe that this home dog can win for a third straight against the big bad Sox.

For more information: Yup I rocked the Crookie's world yesterday and did so with ease. The highest rated play that I have ever released, a 500,000* came through with flying colors on the Bruins in shutout fashion 4-0 and the 200,000* on the Red Sox plus money cashed that ticket going away as well. The run is now 57 of 95 winning days and 5.4 million* of profit.

Two more winners today including at least another 500,000* of profit as I get right around the 6 million* mark. 300,000* Heat-Mavericks and a 200,000* Red Sox-Yankees. Here we go again baby, up, up and away. Click now to purchase


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