Sunday, November 05, 2006



Headline: Top Sports Service Game of the Year plays go 3-1 yesterday.  Jonathan Mardukas fresh off his College Game of the Year goes for his 7th straight NFL Game of the Year

Here is your locked and loaded menu for Sunday, November 05, 2006

·        Jonathan Mardukas fresh off his College Game of the Year goes for his 7th straight NFL Game of the Year Kansas City-St. Louis

·        Kal Elner, a handicapper out of Reading, PA hits a consistent 65 percent when “waiving his normal star rating system”. He is 9-0 when waiving the rating with NFL totals.  He waives the rating in the NFL with the KC-St. Louis total to go to a perfect 10-0

·        Sports service out of Watertown, NY is 7-0 with all plays involving the Buffalo Bills this year.  He has his first Perfect Play this Year involving the Bills, but his Perfect Plays are 2-0 NFL, 4-0 college and NFL. Green Bay-Buffalo side

·        MasterLockLine exclusive:  It’s a Super Consensus meaning at least four Top 10 handicappers agree on the same side with no conflicting plays from other Top 20 handicappers. Stats are out of 620 services monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on ONE unit per play. These plays are now on a 12-1 run and are 33-4 all time. Atlanta-Detroit side

·        Team Vegas, a top sports service rates their plays from Category 1 to Category 5.  We pass along their Cat 5 plays to you.  They are No. 1 in the NFL this year based on winning percentage of 620 services. Cat 5 Miami-Chicago side and Indianapolis-New England side

·        Leo Getz is the premier Big East handicapper in football and basketball as well as the top A-10 hoop analyst is also the hottest handicapper in America right now.  At one unit per play, he is up 40.8 units the last 30 days. Get his Millionaire Club total on the Indy-NE game.  He is 16-3 with Millionaire Club plays in all sports

Free pick: Mon Valley Sports 500,000* Denver-Pittsburgh OVER


·        ROI—based on units risked versus units won ratio, minimum 50 units risked to qualify

·        Total net units won—how much money a service won based on one unit per play including the juice

·        Winning percentage—self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings gives you the highest rated plays from the highest rated handicappers in their highest rated sports. We search our database of more than 620 handicappers from the Internet, scorephones, television, 800 number late telephone services, 900 number handicappers, tip sheets and other sources and give you their top plays more times than not at a fraction of the cost.


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