Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Headline: 6-3 THIS WEEK, MAY GO OVER 150K FOR 2006 (1 UNIT/PLAY) BY END OF MONTH In NBA and college basketball, Bill Tanner and Castlegate Sports are beyond debate the top 2 services.  They rank 1-2 in ROI, total net units won, and winning percentage in the NBA and overall going back any time period of at least three years.  Only Statmaven Sports has a higher ranking in college. To say the least, we will ride these services for your benefit again this basketball season.   

Here is your locked and loaded menu for Wednesday, November 29, 2006

·        Castlegate Sports is the only sports service to be ranked Top 10 in both college and pro basketball when ROI is backtracked to 1996! Their “major” plays are at 59-plus percent in more than 1,000 documented plays. But they also have 76 Top 10 finishes in football handicapping contests.  They went 2-0 last night with Majors, Bulls-under and Murray State. You know it’s legit because you got EVERY ONE OF THEM. Tonight 4 hoop majors!

·         Bill Tanner is the No. 1 college and NBA handicapper combined since 1995. Stats are out of 620 services monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on ONE unit per play. He’s from the basketball crazed state of Indiana and his Platinum Plays in hoops hit around 62 percent.  He also hits above 60 percent in college football with “Plats”. Bill with two more Plats    

·        EXCLUSIVE:  Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate which dominated Asian and European soccer for years has now taken over the North American sports scene. Pop’s group has had winning days 10-of-12 in North American sports. They have four syndicate basketball moves tonight



Free Play:  Silk City Sports:  Xavier-over



ROI—based on units risked versus units won ratio, minimum 50 units risked to qualify

Total net units won—how much money a service won based on one unit per play including the juice

Winning percentage—self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings gives you the highest rated plays from the highest rated handicappers in their highest rated sports. We search our database of more than 620 handicappers from the Internet, scorephones, television, 800 number late telephone services, 900 number handicappers, tip sheets and other sources and give you their top plays more times than not at a fraction of the cost. Please note, in most cases we will not always release every top play from a specific service, because in some cases such plays are cancelled out by other elite service plays on the opposite side. These are top service plays that are generally corroborated by other services and are not nullified by overwhelming conflicting selections.


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