Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forget the Tony Kornheiser, Hannah Storm Non-Issue, Matt Rivers Free Pick on Nets

The Tony Kornheiser of handicapping, Matt Rivers has a free sports pick for tonight.  Unlike the typical Jack in the Box handicappers, Rivers wins. Ditch your amateur handicapper into the bay at the Dallas Tea Party and come to the winning side.

It's on the New Jersey Nets plus the points. They are getting 7.5 at home to Portland according to SportsBook

No matter how many losses the Nets accumulate I still believe they are not that terrible. 5-51 is beyond hideous but Kiki Vandeweghe's squad does have talent and at some point in the near future will win some games. Tonight may not be that night but to get such a hefty number in New Jersey against a good but not great team from the west coast is just too much.

Devin Harris and Brook Lopez are studs that can play with anybody. Throw in others like Courtney Lee, Kris Humphries, Yi Jianlian and Jarvis Hayes and you have decent enough talent. There is no doubt that the culture and attitude right nåow is terrible on this team as they continue to go through the motions but the Nets have covered a lot of games over the past month and I just do not fully trust Brandon Roy and the constantly beat up Trailblazers 3,000 miles across the country.

Nate McMillan's team is good and when healthy can be very very good with Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge, Andre Miller and others. They did though just blow that 25 point lead in the overtime loss against Utah and before that had their doors blown off at home against the Celtics who were on a back-to-back with travel.

Of course Portland is the better team that should win this game but mark my word, New Jersey is going to get a few teams soon and this spot is not terrible for Portland to be one of those teams.

The pick: New Jersey +7.5 at Bodog

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