Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jonathan Stone, Bobby Maxwell, Adam Meyer, Derek Mancini, OTL Sports; Which Sports Handicapper is Best

Jonathan Stone, Bobby Maxwell, Adam Meyer, Derek Mancini, OTL Sports? The radio commercials, Internet infomercials and ads have you overwhelmed. We cut through the fuss, no muss with who is hot and who has the big plays among winning handicappers.

We start out with the best of all time, Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy of GodsTips.

Feb. 3 it was Duke blowing out GA Tech as the Revenge Game of the Year. Sunday, Jan. 31 it was South Florida outright as an underdog to Pitt winning as our Sunday Game of the Year. Jan. 26 South Carolina beating Kentucky outright was the SEC East Game of the Year. Jan. 25 it was Wofford as the Southern Conference Game of the Year. Jan. 19 Wichita State wins as the MVC Game of the Year. Jan 9 it was Missouri as the ESPN2 Game of the Year. Jan. 6 Marquette was the Big East Game of the Year.

We are 5-2 the last two days. Last night it was a sweep with Niagara outright and a Wise Guy in Northern Colorado. Now get the Mountain West Game of the Year among six Wise Guys. Also get eight Majors. Click now to purchase

Wise Guy plays from GodsTips are widely accepted by virtually every bookmaker, Vegas runner, pro bettor, Vegas insider, oddsmaker, and fellow handicappers alike as the strongest pick in sports gambling.

Just as nobody debates that GodsTips is the Industry Standard, there is little question which elite service has the biggest pick today and Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine

A newer service out of San Diego has recently qualified and become just one of two sports betting services ranked in the Top 10 in each and every sport: MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL, NBA, and overall. (Minimum 1,000 bets each sport and 5,000 overall). Their top play is a 1000-star Perfect Storm. A season high five NCAAB Perfect Storms

**Hottest Handicapper**

Statmaven Sports is No. 1 all-time on as far as plays that have risen to the level to be re-released. Rankings trace back to the 976-LOCK scorephone days through the SuperLockLine and are all-sports combined. In other words, their highest rated plays have proven since 1980 to be as good as any sports service. Today a Pythagorean Calculation that is +198.3 units

**Biggest Play**

It doesn't get much bigger than this. The No. 1 all-time college basketball service, out of Ohio, has the 2010 College Game of the Year on Xavier/Florida. We have it for about 1/3 of what they are charging.

All the above picks--$235 if purchased separately are just $16 on the MasterLockLine, part of

Yes the two top handicappers at ScoresOddsPicks will take brief vacation but they are betting a ton of money on today's card to pay for their respective trips. Get the Saturday Night ESPN Best Bet of the year on Tennessee-Kentucky among six winners backed by sensational analysis.

ScoresOddsPicks is the lowest priced winning service in the world.

What a punter Stevie Vincent is. Thursday night The Great One's  stunned the world with Arizona has his Blue Ribbon Game of the Year. Now it's the Inner Circle Game of the Year among five living locks. Get angles 10-0 (twice), 16-2, 12-1, and 14-1. Each is on a different game including the Inner Circle Game of the Year from the King of Offshore.

Vincent is the founder of forensic sports handicapping.

Matt Rivers, who was the winningest handicapper ever—nobody came close—on a large network of sites. What a card today:

I have found a live pup that will not only win their game but will do so by a decent amount. Therefore calling it my 400,000* Underdog Game of the Millennium in the end will turn out to be downplaying it. Short term profits: Four of five winning days for right at 1.0 million* of profit, 9-3-1 run.

Long term profits: 26-14-1 run for 2.5 million* of profit. My 400,000* are 5-1 all-time after Fordham on Wednesday and today very easily will be the easiest one yet, three sick winners in all and 700,000* of profit. I feel great today and I mean great and will prove this in yet another perfect 3-0 sweep of the board. Click now to purchase  


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