Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Matt Rivers Sports Handicapping Pick

Matt Rivers, who was the winningest handicapper ever—nobody came close—on a large network of sites. He's now exclusively on Tonight he says go Detroit Titans plus the number. They are getting 12 points at Wright State according to BetUs Sportsbook

Wright State is certainly the better team and the squad that should walk off the court as the victor but every single time Detroit steps it up a level and faces a superior team they seem to hang and finish a lot closer than the odds maker seems to predict.

The Titans are a much-improved program that earlier in the season fought hard in a two-point loss to Wright State. They also played very stellar games against the class of the Horizon in Butler losing both games by a combined seven points. Ray McCallum's boys play quality defense and do not get blown out or outclassed pretty much ever. I don't know why anything would change tonight.

Detroit lost the opening game of the season 95-61 against Jerome Randal and Cal and since then have lost by only a combined 46 points in their 11 losses. Simple math shows that to be by right around 4 ppg., which is unreal. The Titans play most games in the 60's and just never seem to be out of a game.

I will, without a doubt, take my chances backing a defensive minded team that has revenge in their corner. The Titans also always seem to rise up against better teams and in the end should do so one more time in another probable loss but also easy cover.

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