Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Final Four Odds: Butler vs. Michigan State

The top sports handicapper website asked legendary oddsmaker Leo Shafto of BetUs for his projections for the 2010 Final 4 odds.

The Butler vs. Michigan State line is expected to be a pick, according to the sportsbook guru.

The college basketball matchups for the men's basketball NCAA Tournament semi-finals from Indianapolis will be posted Monday.

Sharp bettors will keep an eye on Stevie Vincent's picks, especially the over/under. He is accepted at the top totals handicapper against the NCAA Basketball Odds  

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Shafto says that West Virginia will be getting four to five points if they play Duke or it will be pick 'em to WVU -1 if the Mountaineers play Baylor.

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CBI Tournament Championship Series Game 1 between St. Louis vs. Virginia Commonwealth has VCU -1. They are the host if the first of this best-of-three series. 


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