Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free Picks Hotter Than Kiana Kim

It's almost baseball season and OffshoreInsiders.com previews who will win the NLCS, the 2010 Masters preview from a betting odds standpoint is garnering interest and more free pick winners are up for today from services hotter than Kiana Kim.

Matt Rivers, who was the winningest handicapper ever—nobody came close—on a large network of sites has a free pick on Dayton in the NIT.

I love the way the Flyers have been playing of late and even though Ole Miss is probably the bigger program from the bigger conference I can't help but back the boys from the Atlantic 10 here up North at Madison Square Garden.

The regular season finish was not all that strong for Brian Gregory's boys but this team has caught fire in the NIT and to make things harder they have been looking great on the road. Dayton just pounded Illinois in Champagne and that came two days after pummeling Cincinnati on the road, 81-66. Chris Wright and Chris Johnson are semi studs to go along with solid helpers in Rob Lowery and Marcus Johnson and these guys are up against a good team but not a great team by any means.

I like Andy Kennedy and the Rebels are solid as Chris Warren has the potential to be a game changing stud. But Ole Miss won all three of their NIT games in the comforts of their own home gym and now have to step out a bit and enter the bright lights of the big city and some possible adversity. Let's not forget the issues that Kennedy had with the cab driver along with the comments from his wife about not being able to get it up. I'm not saying that will really make a difference here but New Yorkers can be cruel and have a little fun with that for sure.

Mississippi can win this game as Warren, Polynice, Holloway, White and Graham are very good but I don't think they are able to win it half the time as this near pick-em suggests. Ole Miss. is just not primed and ready for the road the way Dayton is right now.

The Flyers are reminding me of last season's Baylor Bears in this tournament. Scott Drew's team played one game after the other on the highway and it helped build up a ton of confidence going into the world's most famous arena.

This is going to be a tight game that should finish in single digits but it'll be the Flyers who are the more prepared team for a spot such as this one.

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