Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vegas Runner Sports Picks

Vegas Runner is the modern day Lou Diamond. That is a handicapping service that had a television expose fall unto their lap and ran with it. Vegas Runner claims to be a former pro gambler who lives in Vegas but often skips the Vegas NFL betting odds to bet with a local bookie.

There are well known pro sports gamblers such as Steve Fezzik in Vegas, a winner of the Hilton Handicapping Challenge, offshore guru "Big Red", many are clients of forensic sports handicapping founder Stevie Vincent.

Stevie Vincent is the former Executive Editor of the scorephone Tailgate Parties, which were the reports every gambler flocked to in the pre-Internet days. A pro gambler since 1993, his picks went public in 2007. His dominance of the college football point spreads and mastering over/under is widely considered to be 25 or so years ahead of the oddsmakers.



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